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Margene's back at Home Plus, and she's wearing pants this time, as a precaution. Even so, as she carries a couple of big shopping bags towards the customer service counter, she keeps glancing down aisles before crossing them, just to make sure Greg isn't anywhere in sight. She reaches the counter safely and rings the bell, and wouldn't you know it, the guy who comes to help her -- claiming that he was off in the paint department -- is none other than Greg. He tries to get flirty again, but Margene is all business, saying she needs to return the air filters due to having gotten the wrong size. Greg gets to work taking care of it, just as Ben happens to notice the twosome talking from where he's currently working way over in bathroom fixtures. Greg makes sure to lean way over the counter to give Margene a view of his ass. Like she's going to start spanking right then and there. Margene is of course very careful not to indulge. He hands her the return paperwork and sex-voices, "We will do anything the customer asks…Marge." Marge looks like what she'd like to ask is "Stop eye-fucking me," but she just leaves without another word. Watching her go, Greg happens to notice Ben watching. And then, for Ben's benefit, he picks up a stir stick and starts spanking himself with it. Well, I guess he really was in the paint department after all. Ben makes his second really bad decision in a row in regard to this situation, which is to go chase down Margene before she leaves the store and confront her for "flirting." Margene denies it, fairly convincingly, because she really wasn't. So then Ben tells her that Bill doesn't want her to shop there any more. Margene says that Bill didn't say anything about that to her. Ben keeps acting like more and more of a jerk, and Margene tells him that her past is none of his business. "Your father knows that I dated other men before him and he's fine with it," she says angrily. "Are you, Ben?" Backed into a corner, Ben lashes out: "He's not fine knowing that you were also into spanking them! That you're a big spanker!" He marches off, leaving her standing there shocked and horrified. And not nearly a big enough spanker at all, if you know what I mean.

Barb's at home, plunging her clogged kitchen sink, when Margene comes in and slaps the new, properly-sized (presumably) air filters onto her counter. Barb asks her why she's so angry. "Bill says I can't shop at the store…because I dated someone from there," Margene says. And because this week, Barb is kind of an asshole who's willing to turn divisions within the family to her own benefit, she jumps right into saying this is exactly the kind of patriarchy she's talking about. That even if Bill's gambling business were good for the family, Bill shouldn't be forcing it on them. She even plays the "think of the children" card, which I would think would be so worn out by now that you could blow your nose on it. Margene looks thoughtful as she leaves Barb's house. As Barb returns to her plunging, she watches Margene out the kitchen window with an evil look, satisfied that she's exploited one of her spouses' anger at another to get her own way. And isn't that what plural marriage is all about?

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