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Speaking of patriarchy, here's where we get to hear Bill's side of things. And he's not being as patriarchical here as Barb thinks; he's being much worse. "I'm doing this for them whether they like it or not," he tells Don as they sit on the couch in his office. "Marriage is not a democracy." Don agrees: "All the energy we have to spend letting them think they have a say could light up Las Vegas for a month." Yeah, these guys are all for feminism and equal rights and domestic fairness, as long as they're always getting their own way. Peg clears her throat from the doorway. She heard Don, and she looks pissed enough to, at the very least, light Carson City for a week. She does have her say, which is that she sees this deal as a step back. "Shadowy businesses, that's how I grew up. Check cashing, pawn shops, bail bonds." Not to join Bill in the hair-splitting, but something tells me that Don didn't do a very good job of explaining what Weber Gaming actually does. She walks out, leaving Don to weakly assure Bill that she'll come around. Bill does some more bitching about voting, and Don asks if they'll give up on the deal if everyone's against them. "We're gonna do exactly as I say," Bill vows. Well, who would ever dare to think otherwise?

Alby sits and watches an unconscious Roman in his hospital room. Nicki calls him on his cell phone. This is the first scene of the episode in which Nicki's got her hair back in its braid, which I'm pretty sure means she's up to something. Nicki asks how Roman is. Alby responds that nobody knows if Roman will live or die, "or if he'll survive your husband's attempt to usurp him." Nicki says that Bill's just looking out for the UEB. Alby says that Bill won't have to worry about the UEB much longer, but he doesn't want to tell Nicki his plan right now. Nicki offers to help. Alby says they're quite in demand by the media right now. "We're like the Kennedys," Nicki agrees. Except with a less confusing family tree. Alby says he's going to be "called upon to serve the greater good" at a testimony meeting at 2:00. Nicki confirms the time, asking "And everyone will be there?" Alby confirms that. Good to see that Juniper Creek will be in the safe hands of someone who doesn't recognize when his sister is planning to screw him over.

So then the Nicki-mobile is heading down I-15, and then the two-lane. Wherever could she be going?

Seeing Bill's car pull up outside his cabin, Joey all but runs out to meet him. Bill says his UEB meeting got changed, apparently because of a testimony meeting scheduled for 2:00. Joey doesn't seem to know much about that, and besides, he's too busy acting all sketchy while he makes Bill stand on the front porch. Until Bill asks to be invited in, at which point Joey's jig is up. Bill comes in, sees all the suitcases everywhere, and Joey has to admit that he and Wanda are "interested" in Kathy and that she moved in . Bill asks Joey if he received a testimony. Joey doesn't know, and he asks how Bill knew with Nicki: "How did you separate your real feelings for her as opposed to your gratitude for someone who was taking care of the wife you love?" And then became a wife he didn't? Bill admits that it was hard. Funny, that didn't seem to cut it when Ana came along. As Joey gets back to organizing the room, Bill spots Kathy and Wanda working out together with exercise balls on the porch, in perfect synch. It's somehow both funny and creepy. He voices his unsolicited disapproval of "shacking up," but Joey isn't ready to commit yet. "I'm just trying to be practical, not celestial. And I only have one roof. We can't all retreat to neutral houses if it doesn't work out." Bill still looks uncertain, but I wonder if we're not seeing the future of polygamous relationships right here. Maybe if more Creekers try this, their divorce rate will go down. Or the rate of whatever horrible thing happens to people instead of divorce around there, as the case may be.

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