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It's the aftermath of another backyard dinner at the Henricksons', but this time it's just Bill and the wives sitting and talking as the kids shuttle back and forth carrying stuff into the house. I guess that's one advantage to having a dick like a clown car. We join the discussion of Weber Gaming already in progress. He's hair-splitting about how the company is not in fact a sin factory steeped in vice and corruption, but merely distributes gaming machines in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, and Nevada. "Nevada?!" Barb repeats triumphantly, like that automatically proves it's wrong (completely disregarding the fine humanitarian works underway at Area 51). Bill starts to get into the subject of Mormons and Las Vegas, but Barb cuts that off, recognizing it as the digression it is. Nicki in turn tells Barb to let him talk. Barb mock-sweetly apologizes, saying, "Maybe I'm just a little defensive, being the last one to know and all." "No, that would be me," Margene says boredly from the far end of the table. "Not this time, sweetie," Barb assures her, and Margene perks right up to learn she wasn't at the very bottom of the distribution list for once. Nicki jabs at Barb that "in this time of distress and upheaval, I would think you'd be happy that Bill would consider my feelings first. Or are you just too busy mourning my father's failing health? I saw your clubs. Which stage of grief does golf come under?" Awkward. Even Margene is disgusted to hear that Barb went golfing. Enough so that she actually pulls out a plastic trash bag in case she needs to throw up. Although that might just be the morning sickness. Barb asks when Bill was planning to go through with this, and Bill's sketchy evasiveness tells her that he's already done it. And now Margene's kind of pissed that Bill bothered to act like her opinion mattered at all. As Barb angrily gets up from the table, Bill starts yelling about his prerogatives and so forth. Nicki's still backing Bill. Barb stops and tells Bill that he's not actually at the top of the hierarchy around here; he's kind of outranked by God. "And I don't think He would look too kindly on you putting your wives and family in bed with gangsters, guns, and gambling." Wow, alliterative and surprisingly accurate, considering she doesn't actually know about the first two. Bill suggests they all "go see it together" the following night. Barb lets it go for now, shutting her mouth as tightly as her mind.

The next day, Nicki's back on the couch and watching some more news, and this time it's about a panda who died. "Honestly, who cares if a panda dies in a zoo?" Nicki bitches to Margene, who has just come over to ask what Nicki did with Margene's freezer. Snerk. Nicki doesn't say anything about having run it over with a truck. Instead, she gets all angry/defensive about how her father was shot and her mother needed a freezer. When she puts it that way, now who's trying to put Roman in a cold grave? Nicki drama-queens, "There's nothing I wouldn't do to be a part of my family, Margene. Nothing!" In normal circumstances, Margene wouldn't leave this room without an explanation, an apology, her freezer, and/or a chunk of Nicki. But in this case, her morning sickness is getting the better of her. Nicki wins this one by default, as Margene dashes out of her house while deploying her barf bag. Yeah, Nicki makes me sick sometimes too.

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