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I'm starting off by thanking Sobell for her first season of recaps of this show, because reading them saved me a lot of time prepping for this gig. She's smarter than I am, though, so y'all are going to have some adjusting to do.

After the outing of the Henricksons' polygamist lifestyle that concluded the first season, anyone who expected this second season to open in jail is disappointed. Instead, the camera pans down from a tile-blue sky to the mountains of Utah to that idyllic street, a good thirty percent of which the Henricksons call home. Inside Barb's house, Nicki and Margene are sitting across from each other near the head of the dining room table, going over chores and errands for the day. Margene keeps brightly offering to take more on, but Nicki's not letting her for some reason. Marge doesn't get why, but she's not going to argue for more work for herself.

In the kitchen, Bill's already at work before he goes to work, doing some deal on the phone while the radio news is going on about some kind of polygamy-related summit that recently happened at the University of Utah. Bill looks out the back window, where Barb is doing laps in the pool. Given the size of that pool, it's more like a hamster doing laps in a wheel, which is almost certainly part of the point. Bill switches over to a call from his attorney. He wants Lawyer Lee to find a contact at the Utah First Lady's office who can tell him "who did this." By which he means not "who married three women," but "who told somebody that Bill married three women." Maybe Bill needs to look at the root causes for his problems.

Nicki's and Margene's to-do lists are getting ever more lopsided as Bill joins them in the dining room. Margene offers to take Teeny in for summer school registration, but Bill says that's Barb's job. He says that in the two weeks since Barb's humiliation, she hasn't left the house or done anything but crossword puzzles, and he's decided it's time for them all to stop "indulging" and "coddling" Barb. He leaves the room. Trying to be all casual, Nicki gets up and moves to the chair at the head of the table. Marge looks up at her, like, Did that just happen? She would probably protest if she didn't find Nicki's little power play completely ridiculous. Nicki just sits and hums to herself like she belongs there.

Upstairs, Barb is watching some craft show with Teeny, and she clearly has more than passing familiarity with the guy on the tube. "He always does this," she says. "Mirrors and mosaics, mosaics and mirrors." Illusions, reflections, small broken pieces creating the impression of a larger whole. Hey, when does the symbolism start? Bill comes in, and for all his big talk downstairs about getting tough on Barb, he's pretty gentle about reminding her of Teeny's summer school registration. He's about to leave it at that, but seeing Barb's persistent sadness, he can't exit without one little proclamation: "The world can go to hell in a handbasket, but as long as we stick together, we'll be all right." Barb doesn't look away from the TV, even to faint in shock that her husband just said the actual H word without mentioning a single hockey stick.

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