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At the end of the day, Wendy walks out to her car in the parking lot, wearing her running shoes with her business suit and carrying her briefcase and heels. As she walks along, a giant black Humvee hovers into view behind her. Looks like one of Roman's fleet. But what could it be doing here? Wendy plays it cool, but she wastes little time unlocking her car when she gets to it and climbing in. But before she can back out of her spot, the Hummer glides into position behind her -- and stays there. She's trapped. Wendy watches it in her rearview mirror, wondering what to do next. After a few seconds, the Hummer proceeds slowly onward. Wendy starts her car and backs out of the spot. As she gets parallel with the lane, she sees in the rearview that the Hummer is back behind her, and it's coming towards her at a fair clip. Wendy throws the car into drive and hits the gas. But she forgot to straighten out her front wheels first, and she careens into another parked car, where her airbag inflates and knocks her unconscious. The Humvee drives slowly on, its work done.

And I think I just figured out what Nicki and Adaleen were talking about earlier. Of course Nicki sees an opportunity for herself in the events that led to Barb's departure, but that doesn't mean her fierce protective streak towards her family isn't engaged. Plus she gets to fuck someone up, so where's the bad?

Sarah has gotten herself not to work, but to a group meeting. Except it's not much of a group, because she has all the lines. Sitting in a circle of chairs in a large church, she introduces herself as Laurie. "I know this is a group for ex-Mormons, and I'm not really a Mormon anymore. I mean, my father and my mother...they became...fundamentalists. Polygamists. My little sister thinks it's normal and I don't, and I'm thinking about leaving...this whole thing." Into the stretching silence, she says it's not like a compound, but more like "regular LDS," except they have to hide from everyone. Everyone is staring at her raptly as she concludes, "I just feel like I’m living the most dishonest life of anybody in Sandy, Utah. Anybody have any response to that? Nobody does. It's not like anybody ever talks to a microscope slide, after all. You just stare at it, very closely. Much as the entire group is doing to Sarah right now.

Cut to "Laurie" marching down the hall to the exit, as the moderator -- a nerdy-cute young guy in glasses -- runs to catch up and asks where she's going. "Home, to my hundred and eighty-two brothers and sisters. Tonight's the night we get our food stamp allowance." The guy introduces himself as Scott and stops her to ask if she's okay. Sarah says not so much, since she felt "like a complete freak." Scott apologizes that she was their first polygamist. "I should go," Sarah snarks. "My moms don't know I'm here." Scott says that this group doesn't understand, but he wants to find her one that can. He gives her his card, and she accepts it before leaving for real. Odds on Scott becoming Sarah's first husband?

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