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Cross Words

Walking back across the street together afterwards, Bill tells Barb she did great. "I'm never doing it again," Barb says. As they reach Barb's car parked on the street in front of their house, Bill spots another vehicle coming around the corner and nervously asks her to come inside to talk. Barb refuses, and the car passes without incident. Bill makes his speech that he's been trying to make it right, and doesn't even know yet if they're going to be okay. "But I need to know if you're with me. With this family." Barb just looks at him. "And I’m sorry," he adds. Now he has her attention. "For what?" she asks, in that way that you know there's one right answer, and she'd better be about to hear it. Bill admits that he pushed her into the marriage, that he knew she'd do it for him, and he took advantage of her and her love, and again, he's sorry. Barb seems to be thawing, but she warns, "I’m not the wife I was that first twelve years. That marriage ended. We can't keep pretending to be who we were." She says that the exposure made her realize how angry she's been at Bill all this time. Bill promises her that something good is going to come of it and asks if she's coming inside. Barb slowly walks to her car door and opens it as Bill looks defeated. But then, after waiting for dramatic effect just long enough, she hauls her overnight bag out of the front seat and joins him for the walk to the house.

Where of course Nicki and Margene have been watching the whole scene from an upstairs window. They're probably already taking credit in their heads for the reconciliation.

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