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Number Four

Nicki's getting ready to do some heavy landscaping in the back yard, hauling around sacks of Quikrete like they're adorable little puppies. Which, to her, they probably are. Barb comes out to invite Nicki along to Ben's driver's test, because there's nothing a boy appreciates at such an important rite of passage like the support of all three of his moms. Nicki's up for it, but she thinks Margene just left. To Sarah, who has just come outside, Barb asks where Margene is. Sarah says, "Errands." I can't believe that none of the grown women on this show sees through that excuse by now. I say that word to M. Small, and he's all, "I don't wanna go to errands!" Do try to catch up to my two-year-old, ladies. Nicki's cordless house phone in her skirt pocket rings, and the next thing she knows she's talking to a guy from the Sun Times, specifically the one who's doing a story on Rhonda. "Rhonda?" Nicki repeats, which causes Barb's ears to prick up. Nicki is fairly calm at first, saying she has no comment to the question about Nicki being the daughter of Roman Grant. But when the reporter says that he heard Nicki helped "procure" Rhonda for Roman, she starts getting pissed off. Barb's urgently whispering at Nicki, "Ask where she is!" while the reporter is going on about what he's heard regarding a pre-legal poontang pipeline running from Canada to compound elders, namely that Nicki's part of it. Gosh, who could his source be? And when did she learn about Canada? Nicki drops the "no comment" act and bitches about Rhonda, "That girl finagled her way into my father's good graces. Her parents are roadside trash." Don't worry, I'm sure the reporter will double-source that before printing it. Nicki hangs up the phone before Barb can grab it from her. Barb's like, "Why didn't you ask where she is?" Nicki duhs that she doesn't care. "She's ruining my life. Look, she can take care of herself." Neither of them notices the guilty interest with which Sarah has been following this conversation behind them.

Margene knocks on the door of number four, and presents Ana with a small bouquet of flowers. They look a lot like the ones Bill gave her the night before, which are of course still on display. Ana tells Margene where the other batch came from, and compliments her dress. Margene sits on the unmade bed and makes herself at home, so to speak, while Ana fishes out a vase. Margene, stop looking around like that. If Bill marries Ana, you probably won't be moving into this place with her.

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