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Back home, Barb escorts Ben into the kitchen, where he shows off his shiny new driver's license to Sarah. "Nice face. You look like a serial killer," Sarah remarks of the photo. Maybe that's how Ben got them to give him the actual laminated card on the same day of his test, instead of a little yellow or pink slip of paper that will have disintegrated in his wallet by the time the card comes in the mail six to eight weeks later. Ben asks Barb if he can take the car for a drive. Barb makes a big magnanimous deal out of handing him the keys and tells him to be responsible. She exits the kitchen, leaving Ben wide open to Sarah's additional take on his need for responsibility: "I'm not ready to be an aunt." Why not? She's already more than half responsible for four kids under six as it is. Just throw Ben's on the pile.

Margene and Ana are still hanging in Ana's dinky little apartment, talking about love and relationships and all that stuff, which has gone on so long that they missed their massage appointment. You know how chicks get to talking. Ana talks about an ex of hers, who is now married himself with a house in Dubrovnik, and that of course she wants to be married herself one day. Ana suddenly gets a horrible thought: "Do you think Bill is married?" Standing on Ana's treadmill, Margene sets it on "loiter" and shrugs that she doesn't think so. "You can usually tell," she says confidently. Ana asks if that means that Margene has dated a married man. Margene admits that yes, indeed she has, although she doesn't say she married one. Yet. They both laugh mischievously, and Ana says Margene reminds her of what she misses the most: "My girlfriends." Wow, that hits Margene where she lives. She stops the treadmill and blurts, "I'm a polygamist. I have a husband and two wives." Ana's amazed, but not remotely upset. She asks Margene what it's like. Margene says, "It's good! Sometimes it's hard." Okay, if she can get away with that answer, I am officially spending way too much time on these recaps. Ana throws her arms around Margene, grateful that she shared. She asks what Margene's husband is like. We're all hoping Margene will say, "Well, he's a lot like your Bill because he's him." But instead she just tells her, "Thoughtful. He's strong, and cute. Special." Ana asks about Margene's wives. Margene says, "You know how they say everyone has a soul mate? Well, so far, I've found three." Ana's too busy returning Margene's rapturous smile to notice how hard Margene hit that "so far." Say, what's the number on Ana's apartment door again?

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