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Bang the pot slowly

Nicki plows on, and what it really comes down to is that she's furiously jealous that Barb has a rewarding life outside the house with university classes, Cancer Society fundraisers, and work, while Nicki has nothing beyond the domestic tasks to give her identity or add meaning to her days. Barb shouts, "You are being so spiteful! I am taking the job and that's that." She walks out, and Margene asks plaintively, "What job?"

Bill and Ben have sighted a deer. Ben shoots at it and misses. The deer runs off, cheering, "The prayer circle worked!" Bill counsels him to take it easy and be patient, adding, "It's not just about a kill. It's about waiting, and deciding when to act." Bill does love to lecture, doesn't he?

Sarah and Miss Fingerbang hit the party, where some band is attempting to rock out to Lionel Richie's song "Hello." Note how I used the word "attempting." Miss Fingerbang heads off to find booze and boys, in that order, leaving Sarah to wander around the party looking lost and chugging Robitussin.

Back at the compound, Teeny's splendidly turned out in her moon costume, and she's all excited because the eclipse is starting. Barb brings out some pots and pans, smiling because Teeny's happy. We see the shadow passing over the moon. Margene comes out and asks if Barb's talked to Nicki. Barb shrugs, "I have nothing to say to her." She hands over some pots and Margene takes them, her look communicating that once again, she has no idea what's going on. She asks what they're for, and Barb replies, "To bang and scare the dragon away." Barb then gives Teeny a fond smile, and the little girl bounces and grins in response.

Sarah's had one too many bottles of 'Tussin, and she wants to go home. She asks Miss Fingerbang for a ride, but Miss Fingerbang's more concerned with securing her own ride for the night, if you know what I mean. Poor Sarah keeps saying, "I don't feel good," and nobody's listening. Sarah stumbles outside and falls down on the lawn. She looks up as the shadow drifts over the moon. Then the eclipse is eclipsed by Heather's head.

Sarah asks, "What are you doing here?" Heather replies, "Satan's whore inside?" Sarah laughs that she is. Heather says, "I came to see if you need a ride home," and Sarah squeaks out, "I dooooo." Heh. Ah, to be drunk at sixteen again. It's so much more adorable than passing out on a lawn at 26 is. Heather tries to pull her up, but Sarah's not going anywhere. The two end up on the lawn, Heather sitting straddle-legged and Sarah curled up on her side with her head on Heather's thigh. It is so unselfconsciously sweet; whoever wrote this nailed the uncanny phenomenon of having intense friendships in your teens. Before she passes out for good, Sarah gasps that Heather has to promise to "never tell a soul about my family. As far as you know, I have one father and one mother." Heather promises, and Sarah grabs Heather's hand in her own before she passes out. It's weird how much this scene makes me miss my own ridiculous teenaged experiments with inebriation and feel profoundly relieved that those days are behind me.

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