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Bang the pot slowly

We transition from the yard to a brick border to the pool, thus easing back into the Henricksons' back yard. Barb and Margene are banging pots and pans to chase away the dragon, but then Barb catches sight of Nicki lurking at a window, so I guess it really didn't work. They all continue banging, with Teeny dancing around happily, until some male voice bellows, "Shut up!" Buzzkill.

Bill and Ben are heading back to meet up with Don and Jason. Ben drops to one knee to tie his shoe, and his rifle drops beside him. He's still fumbling with his bootlace. Bill hears a low growling and turns around. A wolf lopes awkwardly out of the bush, bristling and growling. I hope he's rabid, because Bill quickly shoots him and it would totally bum me out if Bill killed a wolf that was merely cranky. (Killing a diseased wolf is ultimately better for the population.) Ben looks over at the wolf, then at his dad with a look like, So, Dad, please don't lecture me on the need to keep the pants dry in these situations.

Don hustles up. Bill is still looking at the wolf as he says, "I'm going after Roman." Don has a look on his face like, "Right now?" Bill decides he's gonna "take it to him."

Since Bill's had that moment of clarity and can now figure out that he was dreaming about Roman pursuing him, he is now free to binge on leftovers at home. Boy, Barb's going to have a devil of a mess to clean up the next morning.

He then puts his guns away in Margene's garage -- way to maintain that discretion there -- and then the familiar clicking of claws on pavement starts up, accompanied by a growl. Bill turns around to see the rabid wolf again. Awfully resilient little metaphor you got there, Bill. The wolf snarls, but disappears once Margene comes out. Bill is beginning to feel weirded out about hallucinating, but then Margene says, "We made so much noise, we scared the dragon away," and Bill's like, Okay, Margie's coming in perpendicular, things are back to normal. Unfortunately, the worst of Bill's day isn't over, as he's expected to bunk down with Nicki tonight. Bill walks out to look at the moon, and as he stands alone, he hears a distant howl.

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Big Love




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