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Bang the pot slowly

Bill thanks him, then adds, "I'm going to hold off. I think I'm going to fast on this for a day or so, get some clarity on what this dream's all about." Then he assures Don that this fast will in no way affect the hunting trip they're going to go on at zero-dark-thirty in the morning.

Cut to Wayne and Raymond jumping on Nicki's plush red couch. Nicki, still in a state of dishabille, comes over and shouts, "Are these the rules? These are not the rules! Do we jump on the sofa, Wayne? Do we jump on the sofa, Ray? Mommy's not feeling good, Wayne, do we jump up and down and yell and scream on the sofa?" Wayne chirps, "Yes!" Heh. Nicki orders them off, then calls an apology after them. She collapses on the couch. Her phone rings. Nicki sighs, then answers it. It's a collections staffer from a credit card company, and Nicki's in arrears. You can tell it's serious because the lady's making no pretense whatsoever to be polite; she's in the "where is the money, Lebowski?" stage of human interaction. Nicki slams down the phone just as Barb comes in.

Boss lady's weighted down with a tote bag and a purse; behind her, Teeny's in the half-finished full moon costume. The phone rings again and Nicki wanly says, "Those darn telemarketers." Barb excitedly tells her, "I got called in this morning. It's an emergency." Nicki cautiously says. "That's good, I guess." Barb points out that it's good for everyone, and asks if Nicki wouldn't want to get the phone. Nicki lies back on the couch and looks wan. Because Barb has to go in, she can't finish Teeny's costume for her class pageant at 4 PM; the costume needs to be done by tomorrow's eclipse. "Lunar eclipse," corrects Teeny, "I'm the moon." Nicki gives a slight smile at this and turns her attention back to Barb. Long story short: the costume needs to be finished and Teeny needs a pair of black tights to go with it. Barb hands over a $20 bill. The phone keeps going -- it's the collection lady and boy, is she pissed Nicki hung up. Nicki should be grateful we are not all living in the future with holographic video phone thingies that show faces and whatnot, because that's the only thing that could make this scene any more awkward for her. Before Barb goes, she also unloads two more errands onto Nicki: picking up Sarah after work, and repairing a hole in Ben's jeans.

The phone rings some more and Barb is getting very interested in it, so Nicki pulls out the weapon of last resort: she kisses Barb goodbye on the cheek and makes nice. Barb flees. The phone rings again, and Nicki bellows into it, "She's not here!" Cue Roman's voice on the other end: "Nicolette? Is that you?" D'oh!

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Big Love




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