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Barb flies through her house, Teeny dogging her steps, and as she opens the front door, she lets out a yell because Carl the Accountant Neighbor is right there. He awkwardly says, "Ding-dong," and re-introduces himself. Barb's switching gears...which is right when the robe-clad Margene shows up. I swear, why did Bill bother buying three houses when only two of them get any use? Carl eyes Margene and Barb says a little too awkwardly, "Margene! From next door. Baby-sits for us." Margene's face falls when she hears this introduction, because I guess that whole "let's keep it on the down-low around the neighbors" credo Bill was spouting only applies to his other third wife? Carl tries to make nice by asking if the baby is Barb's, but Margene says, "He's mine." If ever anyone were cut out for a life of cover stories and discretions, it's not Margene.

Anyway, Carl says he's looking for Bill, and Margene speaks up with, "He's at work," and clearly, someone needs to sit her down and explain the need to stay consistent with cover stories and behaviors, because Barb's glare just isn't cutting it. The upshot is, Carl has a question to ask Bill about Nicki, but he'd rather talk to him man-to-man. The minute Carl goes, Barb turns around and looks at Margene, saying with a little dread, "He knows something." Margene looks puzzled. Did she think Bill's elaborate morning and evening routines were because he adores complications? Anyway, Barb heads off, muttering about how those Juniper Creek party attendees must have tipped everyone off. After she goes, Margene says to her infant, "Hi! I'm the babysitter!" Well, you're certainly acting adolescent.

In the store, Bill walks up to a guy standing in front of a big, LCD flat-screen TV thing. Whatever it is, it's a high-end appliance, the kind that prompts marital referendums in Best Buy on a Saturday. And the guy standing in front of it totally looks like the type who prompts the neighbors to begin muttering, "He was such a quiet guy, never suspected a thing…" so it appears genuine enough on the news not to hurt any property values after the inevitable shooting spree/discovery of twenty dismembered missionaries in a freezer/political assassination.

Anyway, the guy asks some weird and hostile questions about how much the TV costs, and Bill's trying to be very pleasant about the whole thing while telling him that hi, the store's giving the TV away in a drawing. The guy draws out a folded piece of paper and says, "I downloaded a Consumer Reports thing on TVs. I'm actually looking for this particular one?" Bill takes it, which is both a credit to his honest nature and a drawback to doing business, because this guy's a front man for Roman's cult, and the church is calling for an audit of the books -- all of them. Bill's just been served.

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Big Love




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