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Cut to Margene on the scale, checking out the numbers as she talks on the phone. It's Lois on the other end. Lois wants to talk to one of the grown-up wives or, failing that, Sarah, but Margene bravely plows ahead: "I'm so glad you called me, Lois!...I've wanted to talk to you since the party...I don't really think we got off on the right foot. I feel you don't approve of me. Like you don't like me. I think, if you'll just give me a chance --" This is the point where Lois tires of rolling her eyes and making yap-yap-yap gestures with her free hand, and just puts the phone down on the counter. So funny -- and yet, so cruel. Poor Margene. All she wants is to be respected, but she has no sense of when to pick her battles.

Fortunately for Margene, Nicki comes right on in at that moment and unloads Wayne, Raymond, the moon costume, the directive to buy tights (but not the $20 bill), and the blue jeans. The need to pick up Sarah gets lost in the shuffle, and poor Teeny's costume delivery gets knocked back from 3:20 to 3:30. Nicki cites a vague, unspecified family emergency, then rolls right over Margene's protests that she can't sew. Margene's sweating over all this, not only because Nicki's dumping everything on her, but because Ray and Wayne have begun raising hell, and the living room's just gotten ten degrees warmer.

Back in a world free from sister-wives and the chores they're handing off, Bill and Don are sitting in their car, staking out a vacant 7.2-acre lot conveniently zoned for commercial use. Bill's counting cars while Don inhales a sandwich. Bill gives him an irritated look, and Don apologizes. Bill lies that it doesn't bother him, and takes another sip of water. Don decides to irritate Bill further by pointing out that he's always thought Bill couldn't trust Roman; Bill replies that he's always known Roman was untrustworthy, but he thinks they can outwait the foul codger. Don helpfully brings up another one of Roman's former investments, a failing kitchen supply company in Moab that got torched. Don is something of a worrywart, isn't he? Bill irritably replies that the arson was never proven. Don then brings up some other dark incident, and frets, "I don't know how we can break ground on another store with him still in the picture. If his association with us becomes public, that's it. We're cooked." I take it back -- Don is not something of a worrywart, he is the undisputed king of the worrywarts.

Just then, Nicki calls and casually asks if she can get an advance on the next month's allowance now that the new store's open. I can't even imagine what it's like to have to ask your spouse for an allowance. Bill says, "No. And if there were a way, you'd have to talk to Barb." And now, I am having an even harder time conceptualizing a world where I would have to ask multiple spouses for money. Nicki points out that Barb got called in, and Bill cheerily says, "Yeah, isn't that great?" Not for the woman who has to ask for money. Nicki goes from zero to bitchy and says, "Bill, you give her too much power." Bill has clearly had this conversation before and tells her to take it to Barb. Nicki rolls her eyes some more -- how she can drive when all she can see is the back of her skull is God's private mystery -- and clicks off the phone.

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