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Bang the pot slowly

Cut to a streetcar station. Sarah and Heather are talking about "the pledge" and how Sarah thinks it's weird now. Heather is still doing her forensic investigation of Sarah's defection from LDS and the subsequent polygamy. Sarah disclaims the polygamist label, saying, "I'm just along for the ride." Heather's still curious, so Sarah explains: "Mom got cancer and almost died. Dad just...started believing in the Principle again. And next thing you know, he married Nicki." Heather asks bluntly, "How could your mom say yes to that?" Sarah asks, "Her version or mine? Her version, she started, you know, believing the principle too. And in mine, she loves my dad too much and she's just afraid of losing him." Wow, someone is her mother's daughter. Possibly because someone's in a prime position to do a before-and-after on how multiple wives affect marriage and parenting.

And now, the security dude is heading down the street to see what set off the alarm. Margene's standing outside with the three boys, and honestly, the missing toddler is bugging more than the constant shrilling of the alarm. The calorically-enhanced security drone hefts himself out of the car and quickly disarms the system. He asks Margene if it's her house, and she begins her usual Margene Monologues, introduces herself to the guy (his name is Tui) and asks him to disarm the house two doors down, as she probably got her keys locked in there. Tui says he can't do that. Margene says, "Then I need you to drive me somewhere. Fast!" After all that whining about needing a car, it's taken her all of a week to lose the keys?

Barb swings by the store because she's just so excited, she has to tell Bill the good news: the scowly guy is just naturally cranky-looking, and he wants her to fill in for an entire maternity leave, so it's six weeks of steady employment, right to the end of the school year. She's so happy, she shrieks and spontaneously hugs him, and Bill beams as he hugs her back. Aww! I like that he's happy when she's happy. I suppose he's probably also relieved that none of his wives are on his case about something. Barb is thrilled, "In theory, it's full-time. I'm not certified full-time, but they're giving it to me anyway!" Bill tells her that he's so proud of her, but then he punctures the moment by reminding her that she'll have to run it by Nicki and Margene, since this will affect them too. Barb acidly asks if the other wives have veto power, and Bill assures her that they don't, but the mood is killed. Fortunately for Bill, work intervenes so he doesn't have to marinate in the searing blasts of hot air coming from Barb's deflating good mood.

Tui, bless him, is doing 25 miles per hour in his car. Margene and Raymond are in the front; presumably the other two children are in the back and the missing toddler is off being eaten by dingoes or something.

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