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Blame It On the Bossa Nova

At Bill's office, Joey calls and, as is his wont, tells Bill as many horrible things as he can, as quickly as possible. Basically, way back at the beginning of the fish farm scheme, Roman made Joey sign this thing, which he thought was a permit for the fish farms, but it turns out actually made him the actual front man, the "designated agent" and "non-remunerated stakeholder" for the evil land deal that is Bill's current trump card against Roman. (Which again, I'm confused, because why would Roman even worry about any of this if he had Joey in his back pocket the whole time? Was Bill -- I realize this is crazy talk, but -- possibly fooling himself?) Roman has showed this paper to Joey and explained it to him, and also that the first stop the Attorney General would be making, in an investigation, would be Joey's doorstep. "Oh, Joey," breathes Bill, and I never feel Bill so much as when he says that particular phase. Joey's like, "So it's bad? I ruined it, right?" Bill's quiet, and Joey starts begging to know what he can do, how he can fix it, if he can help in "some other way," and Bill just tells him yet once more not to worry about anything, that it's going to be okay. He really is just so sweet with his brother. "The other thing is that Roman said to tell you his answer's coming." Bill thanks him for the info and hangs up, then beats heck out of some pencil cups and stuff on his desk.

Alby pulls up at a gas station in the Buick, "Blame It On The Bossa Nova" playing loud, because that's how he rolls, and espies this incredibly too hot hustler dude leaned up against the wall near the gumball machines. They look at each other, you know how I mean, and they look and look, the dude lights a cig, and they half-smile in that way where you don't really have to wonder if Billy's going to ask you to the Prom, because he already took off your cummerbund with his eyeballs. No, hottie hustler guy! He's got this huge knife! You're too hot to die horribly at the hands of a wall-eyed cult member! But who isn't?!

Teeny and Margene sit at the kitchen table, and Nicki comes in bearing Teeny's "Blue Day" jacket, saying she found it on the ground between the houses. Teeny says she has no idea how that happened, and runs off. Nicki smiles both beautifully and somewhat embarrassedly at Barb and confesses that she found a pair of "Wayne's poop underwear" tucked in the sleeve. Wayne takes off immediately. I just hope she washed it before she handed it to Teeny -- who is already a loser and the last thing she needs, socially, is a jacket that smells like Wayne's "poop underwear." Barb tells Nicki that he is way too old to be pulling that, and Nicki's way less testy, agreeing. "... He's acting out. I think he misses Bill." Barb snaps peas and says nothing for a bit, then notes that Bill's mentioned that Nicki is ovulating, and offers Nicki her night. "Thanks, Barb," says Nicki, like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, and the phone rings. Margene answers, and tells Barb it's Ben, and everybody gets really worried.

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