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They get into a conversation about how gazebos are so yesterday and now the hot thing is some kind of terrifyingly upward-mobility pavilion from Thailand or Mexico or something that's like an outdoor living room. I didn't catch the name, but you and me, we don't need to know what it's called, because we know what it looks like: vinyl in a moss-green/off-white stripe stretched over skinny steel pipes in the same green color, looking like it'll take off with the next stiff wind no matter how many pieces of string tie it to the stakes, and classed up with a swag or two in the middle of all four open sides. And yeah, it's glorious to sit in, but at what cost? It's just the hyperthyroidic baby of regular gross lawn furniture anyway. Margene laughs hysterically and abruptly at a weird point in the conversation, and she and Barb stare at each other because Margene's screwing up all the cruddy lies, and Pam finally catches a whiff of the weirdness and takes off, telling Margene to call her. Margene mouths "Sorry!" to Barb as Pam leaves, and then comes running up to Barb.

"Nicki thinks Pam sent missionaries to her house this morning," Barb starts, and then something happens that is confusing to me, because Margene says, "She wouldn't do that," but she says it like she means it, even though both we and Margene know that she totally did. It's Salt Lake City for Pete's sake, it's not like they're the only missionary boys in town and everybody knows their names. I don't know, it just seems like on the page, Margene is lying, but the way Ginnifer Goodwin plays the line, it's like she isn't. So I assume I'm missing something. I kind of like this extra level of paranoia, though, like the missionaries are actual spies for the Church, because that I can believe -- it's in the Church's interest to make the call about that stuff, and mark down the possible and probable polygamy houses, you know? Not even in a creepy way, just in the way where somebody who's not a member of your church is doing something that your church supposedly does but doesn't actually do, you want to keep tabs on that. So maybe that explains the weird missionary behavior. "Nobody's saying Pam's a bad person...says Barb, which is a weird way to start that sentence for absolutely sure, but Margene just reassures her a few hundred times that everything's fine. Barb leaves, flapping her hands in that "You're not my only problem today" way she has, and leaves, but it's clear she's assuming Margene's going to screw this up somehow and get them all flayed alive.

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