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And so much for Frank not being out there. He skulks behind a tree, cackling. So did he cut their power, or not?

Next day, Adaleen is working alone in the UEB office when two of Hollis Green's women sneak in behind her and ask for Roman. You can tell they work for Hollis, because if people in Juniper Creek dress like they live in Walnut Grove on Little House on the Prairie, Hollis's people dress like Miss Peel. Offended at this invasion, Adaleen asks who they are and what they're doing. Instead of answering, they advance on her silently. At least this time they're not wielding a Molotov cocktail.

At home, Bill in his bathrobe gets himself a glass of orange juice from Barb's fridge. Ginger comes in wearing her blinking blouse -- which isn't blinking, yet -- and carrying her little boom box. Bill asks her how she's feeling, and she says she's good. "You're a good guy, Bill," she says, to let him know she's not mad anymore. And then she overshoots that message by several miles when she adds, "We ought to go for a roast beef sandwich and go dancing sometime, huh?" Bill just chuckles politely, in order to give Ginger the chance to pretend she was kidding. Not taking the hint, Ginger hits the "play" button on her boom box and starts dancing toward Bill in what I'm sure she thinks is a seductive manner. Which it wouldn't be, even if she weren't totally hammered. She wraps her arms around his neck, all but forcing the poor guy to join in. "I never got a chance to dance at your wedding," she wheedles. Bill is probably happier about that right now than he ever has been. "I'm glad you're going to be there for your grandchildren," he tries, but the anvil sails right past her head. She keeps pushing: "You're a real stud, Bill. How come all the good ones are married?" Well, in Bill's case, at least, there's a difference between "married" and "taken." Bill asks Ginger if she's been drinking. He's just now noticing? I’m pretty sure his glass of O.J. turned into a screwdriver just from being in the same room with her. Bill politely but firmly calls a halt to this nonsense. "If you're staying here, you need to stay at Margie's," he decrees. He goes to show her the door, but she's still not moving, except in that really embarrassing way she calls dancing. Bill tries to lead her out by the hand, but he only gets sucked in again. How much do you think Stoli paid for the product placement in this episode? "Drink Stoli! Become a fucking idiot!"

Outside, Margene drags Nicki into her yard, from where they can both see Ginger carrying on with Bill. "See? Do you believe me now?" Margene says. Nicki does. I do like the way this show doesn't find it necessary to fill in every single scene. Other shows would have cut away from Bill and Ginger to show Margene's reaction upon first spotting this display, but this one gives us credit for filling it in on our own. It does that a lot, and I appreciate it, even though I wouldn't have minded a little break from that embarrassing scene in Barb's kitchen just now. Nicki doesn't say anything, but her expression indicates that she's realized Margene was right. At least, I think that's what that expression means, as I've never seen Nicki make it before. Margene asks why Nicki took Ginger's side. Even now, Nicki can't just apologize: "You were being pigheaded. We're married; she's my mother too. And she likes me." I suspect it's that last one. Nicki has no defense against that demographic, small as it is. Margene isn't ready to let Nicki off the hook, asking her, "Why didn't you respect me? My wishes?" Habit? As Bill finally extracts himself and sends Ginger staggering across the backyard with her boom box, waving amiably at them both, Nicki says maybe Margene just doesn't understand her mother. You know, like Nicki does. "You've known her all of one day," Margene whispers, and says that her mother has competed with her her whole life. "My boyfriends? The spotlight? And now my family." Nicki notices that Ginger seems to be having some trouble with Margene's back door, and asks what she's doing. "She's tanked," Margene duhs. She hears Ginger topple over inside the house, and goes to investigate. She finds Wayne standing over his unconscious and blinky-bloused grandmother, who seems to have taken out everything she possibly could on her way to the floor. "She tipped over! I didn't do anything!" Wayne says innocently. Damn, all the effort of keeping the houses free of modern sin and vice, and you still get a six-year-old watching a drunk pass out in the living room.

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