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Even now, the next morning, Barb can't leave until Joey finishes doing something under the hood of her car. You think Frank was screwing around under there last night? No way to tell. Barb's still wearing the clothes she wore yesterday, because the alternative is borrowing something of Wanda's and she's not about to go home looking like a wintertime picnic in 1957. Joey tells Barb she doesn't always have to "hold it together." I would think that last night would have made that apparent. Barb asks him how he can raise his son there. Joey doesn't think Juniper Creek is inherently evil: "There was a time before Roman, and there'll be a time after." Those times just keep getting further apart, though, don't they?

Speaking of Roman, he enters his office to find Adaline face-down on the floor, gagged and hogtied amid considerable disarray with one of Hollis Greene's patented scripture reams on her back, and a videotape as a paperweight. "Oh, God," he says, going to her.

Roman's first call is apparently to Bill, saying that some shit's gone down that's bigger than both of them. Bill plays dumb, saying he knows about Orlean Abbott's arrest. Roman's like, "Not that, dummy," though with more words. "The Greenes have crawled back from their disgusting compound in Mexico," he says. Bill tries to jump in, possibly to warn Roman about something, but Roman didn't call to listen. He summons Bill to an emergency meeting of the UEB and hangs up.

Bill then calls Joey, who describes a veritable siege state at Juniper Creek. Bill's worried that he can't get through to Barb, but Joey assures him that she left less than a half hour ago. Bill's already heading out the door, on his way to the UEB meeting. So maybe he and Barb can wave to each other when they meet on the road.

But it looks like it's going to take Barb a while to get out of there, because there are cars lined up at the gates to the compound, and Juniper Creek police are searching every last one of them. There's even a sign next to the road declaring the day's security threat level "Severe." Sitting in the line of cars, Barb takes in this scene, and then the spectacle of one of Roman's red Hummers coming in from the opposite direction. She sees the man himself conferring with some of his rent-a-cops before he gets back in and is driven past her. It looks like he spotted her. So even if she hadn't planned to confront him, she can't exactly skulk off now. Barb turns her car around and goes back into the compound.

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