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Ginger, Grant

Barb finally makes it home. In the safety of her bedroom, she allows herself a mighty sigh of relief before getting to her knees beside the bed. She prays aloud, "Dear heavenly Father, bless Bill. Watch over him. If he is an instrument of Your will, allow me the fortitude to be strong for him, and nurture him, and offer him safe harbor, the respite he needs for Your designated journey for him. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

And then they don't wait even a beat before going right into this week's opening credits theme, which happens to be a boisterous club mix of "Little Bird" by Annie Lennox. Say what? I can't think how they could have undercut that moment more effectively if it had been intentional, so I can only assume it was.

Thank you for your time. Very truly yours, M. Giant.

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Big Love




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