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Bill has called Carter Reese into his office, and while Don stands by, Bill gives Reese a hard time about not telling him the Greenes had bid on Weber Gaming, and about giving the Greenes Bill's name on top of it. And yes, it turns out their name was spelled with a third "e" after all, even after I looked it up last week. Reese has less copyediting-oriented concerns right now: "They branded my ass!" he protests. And the brand is probably spelled correctly, too. Bill says he could have protected Reese from the Greenes. He claims that Hollis and Selma Greene are "terrified" of Roman, and just bringing up his name would have scared them off. Reese is totally over these nutty polygamists and tells them to work it out amongst themselves. Bill says their deal will close in thirty days, and for Reese's benefit he dials up Hollis Greene, saying he'll "take care of" them. I'm surprised Hollis even has a phone, let alone a number that he gave to Bill. Bill gets Hollis on the speakerphone, lying that he told Roman about Hollis's prior claim on Weber Gaming and that Roman refused to reconsider. Hollis calls it "an unethical corporate raid," going on about all the people in his cult whom he's trained to take over Weber Gaming. "If we don't prevail…morale will crumble." Bill claims to feel bad about that, but Hollis assures him, "You, sir, have no need to apologize. You, sir, are a gentleman and an honorable businessman." See? says the face Bill makes at Reese, as though he's not screwing Hollis right this very second. Of course, even Greene's compliments are kind of terrifying. Hollis continues: "Juniper Creek, however, is a sinkhole of apostasy. What are we going to do about it? Thank you for your time. Very truly yours, Hollis Greene." Yes, he actually says that before hanging up. Signing off phone calls like they're letters -- what a bizarre affectation. I might give it a try. Reese justifiably thinks they're all crazy, including Bill. "No. I'm the good guy," Bill says. Reese leaves the good guy's office, not looking too reassured. But in Bill's defense, although most people would claim to be the "good guy" in any given situation, the other two parties in this acquisition would be claim to be acting on direct orders from God. And at least one of them would have to be lying.

That leaves Don alone with Bill to fret some more, and he's getting more bold with his criticism of Bill's conduct. He's nervous about the way Bill's "inciting" the two clans, but Bill assures Don that he knows what he's doing. Does he? Because it looks to me like he's custom-building himself a highly elaborate contraption whose only function will be to ultimately crush Bill's nuts. Don leaves Bill alone, with a more openly rebellious look than we've seen from him so far. Might be time to pony up for a Teddy Roosevelt figurine, Bill. It might take a full Mount Rushmore collection to quell Don's doubts now.

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