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Ginger, Grant

Back home, Margene's mother Ginger has already arrived. She's being played by Bonnie Bedelia, although she might as well have been sent over from Blowsy Divorced or Single Middle-Aged Mom With Too Much Jewelry Central Casting. She swans around Margene's backyard, which has been temporarily fenced off from Nicki's and Barb's surrounding yards by the cheapest, crappiest, bamboo fencing you ever saw in your life. You know, the kind that comes in rolls and wouldn't stand up under a harsh glare. Ginger compares the pool to the penguin exhibit at the zoo, and does a lengthy and pointless penguin imitation for Lester and Raymond. "March of the Penguins! Did you take them to see it? I saw it. You don't have to see it, they go like this." Margene is kind of amazed that Ginger is even there, and Ginger says something about her grandkids. Whom she is almost completely ignoring, by the way, as Margene spends the whole scene schlepping Lester around. As for the yard itself, Ginger calls it "kinda crowded." Margene excitedly talks about how much she loves her "neighbors," but Ginger warns her to watch out for that, lest something happen and Margene should end up "on the outs." You suppose "something" has ever "happened" to Ginger that might bring that to mind? Margene blows off the negativity and says they're all having dinner tonight. "They're kind of conservative," she warns. "We don't drink." Ginger laments that the two bottles of Stoli she brought will go to waste. Margene's like, also, I'm pregnant anyway? "Old wives' tale," Ginger scoffs. Funny, Margene doesn't look like a product of fetal alcohol syndrome. While they're on the subject of forbidden items, Margene adds, "And no coffee. No caffeine." How does she stay so perky all the damn time, then? Ginger says that at least Margene can still smoke, lighting up a huge panatela as she does so. Off Margene's get with the program, already look, Ginger mutters, "Jesus Christ," which by Margene's tone is the worst thing of all. Ginger makes Margene tell her that she loves Bill, and Margene obliges. "Then I'm happy," Ginger says, and goes back into her lame March of the Penguins bit. Even Margene is like, Is she maybe thinking of Happy Feet?

Bill pulls up to the house, just as his radio is telling him that the FBI director is in town to visit the Salt Lake City field office. This makes the radio? SLC needs to get itself some news, pronto. Really, it's just an excuse to remind us that this season's recurring fugitive, Orlean Abbott, is still on the run and the FBI wants him bad. And that he is a completely different person from Hollis Greene, despite what some casual viewers may have thought when we first met the Greenes last week. Bill sits in the car until the report concludes, and then pensively listens to a couple of seconds of dead air. Yeah, SLC definitely needs more news.

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