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Inside the cabin, it isn't exactly a warm family reunion between Lois and her daughters-in-law. At least Frank's nowhere in sight and Lois doesn't appear to have been beaten to kingdom come or anywhere else, although it's not clear how she escaped him earlier. Lois tells Wanda that Joey Jr. is fine. "Don't go waking him up now," she bosses. Barb says Wanda's there to get the baby. "Excuse me, is your name Wanda?" Lois snaps at Barb. You know, considering that Juniper Creekers don't get to go to grade school, it certainly seems like a lot of them learned their social skills there. Joey Jr. wakes up with a sad little wail, and Barb goes to him. And right here, at the worst possible moment, is where Frank comes back in, chuckling evilly at the sight of Wanda. She backs away from him fearfully, saying, "I'm sorry for what I did to you. I learned I was just projecting my anger onto you." Frank doesn't seem touched by this insight, let alone overcome with forgiveness. Wanda frantically tells Barb to take her home. Lois tells Frank to lay off: "She deserves a second chance." I agree. Maybe Frank will die this time. Oh, that's not what Lois meant. "I don't believe in second chances," Frank says darkly, and draws back as if to strike Wanda. And the next thing you know, Lois is aiming a shotgun at him. "She tried to kill me," Frank protests, all whiny now that he's not the most intimidating person in the room any more. Lois pumps the weapon as though to say, "My turn." Frank gets the message and skedaddles.

Irritated, Barb tells Lois to ditch the gun. "Oh, yes, let's just talk together, Barbra, that'll work," Lois sneers. "You think Frank's just some harmless blowhard, don't you? You're wrong." Barb takes Joeey Jr. out to the car, with Wanda right behind her. Not a word of thanks to her mother-in-law for brandishing a shotgun in her defense, by the way. I'm not a big firearms guy, but I would at least voice some appreciation for the gesture.

Hey, it's Sarah's boyfriend Scott, but he's in an unfamiliar setting: namely, Bill's office. He comes up to Bill and introduces himself, saying he's a friend of Sarah's. "Your daughter's in danger," is the first thing he tells Bill. Oh, good, that won't freak Bill out or anything. Scott says that Sarah's all right, but Alby has been following her. He says Sarah doesn't seem to feel like she can tell Bill this. It shouldn't be news to Bill that Sarah doesn't want to tell him anything at this point, but he's a bit slow sometimes. "What is your relationship with my daughter?" Bill asks, needing to back up a bit. Scott says they've been "seeing each other," which is also clearly news to Bill. Getting back to the subject of Alby, Scott says Alby's followed her twice that he knows of: once a few episodes ago, and once last week. "Last time, I followed him," Scot says, handing Bill a business card from a motel. He says Sarah doesn't know he's there. "I see," Bill says stiffly. Scott says he wanted to tell Bill before the police. "Thank you," Bill says even more stiffly. He so wants to give Scott a thumping, but he's saving it up for later.

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