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Anyway, nothing says "discreet" like a Humvee full of harmonizing polygynists, and it's not hard for Bill to notice them. He grabs Nicki by the arm and steers her away from Joey and Wanda with a "Can I talk to you for a second?" It's not really a question.

We see Roman get out, cowboy boots striking the curb, and he looks around with an affronted expression. Rhonda's expression seems more evaluative. She imperiously holds out her hand and he takes it. He then offers his arm to Adaleen. As the three of them head toward the house, Bill is furiously hissing at Nicki, "I told you not to invite him!" Nicki lies right back at him, "I didn't! I didn't know he was coming!" Bill is holding the pitcher of Kool-Aid and it sloshes wildly as he shakes in anger. "I'm going to clobber you! Who in the H do you think the security system is for? Who do you think I'm trying to protect us from? Him!" Nicki begins whining, the last syllable of each word dragged out for extra listener irritation: "Why can't we just be one family? Whatever's going on, why can't you reconcile? Blessed are the peacemakers!" For they shall be the ones cleaning up the messes their lying spouses made? Bill slams the pitcher into her arms and stalks off.

He heads down to the porch to "greet" everyone, i.e. have a stand-off with Roman. The ladies wander inside. Rhonda is looking around, openly intrigued. Adaleen scoffs and finally passes judgment: "Fancy!" Rhonda carefully modulates her expression.

Meanwhile, Bill's telling Roman that he's welcome inside so long as he parks his business disputes at the door. Roman agrees: "Absolutely. There's no substitute for family, son. Not in this life or the next." Bill has no snappy rejoinder to that. Outside, one of Roman's thugs goes to fetch his guitar. Inside, Lois is sitting on the couch and making a big show of working herself into a royal snit. If she's this much fun at parties, I can't wait to see what she's like at weddings. And on this show, the odds that I'll find out are very good.

Adaleen comes tearing in to read an article about the cult that's running in the Los Angeles Times, but the dek brings her up short: "We're just like homosexuals." We get a priceless reaction shot of Teeny rolling her eyes. An awkward silence descends. It won't be the last one of the day.

Barbara's speeding by -- no doubt sneaking off to unwind with a little furtive housecleaning -- when Roman stops her. She wheels around and he takes her hand in his. "How's your health?" he asks. Barbara's reflexive politeness comes in handy: "Oh! Fine, thank you for asking." Roman continues in the same paternal tone, "I'm so happy we could help." Barb withdraws her hand and flees. As she passes Sarah, she whispers, "That man gives me the creeps!" Too bad he's your father-in-law, then. Or is he? Are all of the wives' parents each other's in-laws, or do they only consider their husband's parents as in-laws?

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