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The Fall of Roman
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I normally don't recap the previouslies, and this week I'm really glad I don't. This week's are nearly four minutes long and cover every major and minor storyline of this season so far, including where they spill over into last season. Even storylines that don't get touched on in this episode are pretty well flogged. It's almost like a series finale package or something. But don't go anywhere, because I checked, and we still have four episodes to go after this one.

Which starts thusly. It looks like Bill pulled an all-nighter, or tried to. He's crashed out on a sofa somewhere, with what looks like the detritus of a long night of studying spread out on boxes before him. He's awakened by his cell phone, and when he answers, Barb's voice comes through as clear as if she's in a Steven Soderbergh movie, or indeed right there in the room. Which she in fact is, along with Bill's other two wives, all of whom are wearing their bathrobes and identical annoyed expressions which they are currently pointing at him. It's nine in the morning, and sunlight is pouring in through the windows of the unfinished basement where he sacked out for the night. Nicki's the most hurt because it was her night, and Barb says she almost started calling hospitals. Bill defensively gets up from the couch, complaining about all of his work, and heads upstairs, saying he's late. Dude, what's the point of becoming your own boss if you can't sleep in once in a while?

At work, Bill is dealing with both an "I slept on the basement couch last night" neck-ache and needy employees on his way to his office. He's having trouble remembering the name of the new assistant (Leslie, not Lisa), and Don's stressing out about Christmas ordering deadlines coming up, acting like his usual needy self over it. As they enter Bill's office, they find a large gift basket waiting on his desk. "Hollis and Selma Greene are fond of corporate gifting," Bill explains, setting the basket on the floor next to his trash can (but only because it's too big to actually go into the trash can). "Hollis and Selma Greene are products of a limited gene pool," Don remarks nervously. But Bill is sure he's on top of everything; Roman will get rid of the Greenes and Weber Gaming will be theirs. "We are this close to the promised land," he self-jinxes. His cell phone rings, and it's Nicki, who really wants to talk right now. She's wondering if there's some particular reason that Bill skipped out on her night -- and why the last night he accidentally skipped out on was hers as well. Could it be because she's horrible? Bill denies any kind of intentional slight, but he says he'll come home for lunch and they'll talk about it then. Maybe he should invite Don, who, instead of departing in order to avoid overhearing what is clearly a personal conversation, parked himself across from Bill's desk to listen in. If Don offers any unsolicited personal advice, the scene ends before we get to hear it. Not to mention any business advice, which at this point Don could probably express in full with just ten words: "Drop Weber Gaming drop Weber Gaming drop Weber Gaming now."

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