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The Fall of Roman

Frank pushes people aside barging into Bill's office, and says they have business to discuss. Bill begs to differ. Don offers to go get someone. "Sit down, Fatso," Frank tells Don, and Bill angrily tells Frank to shut up. Yeah, shut up, Frank. Needless to say, Frank doesn't shut up. Instead he tells Don, who's already on his way out the door, to stick around. "So you're up to your old fun and games with that cocksucker Eddie," Frank accuses Bill. "I don't know what you're talking about," Bill says, which nobody who actually doesn't know what somebody else is talking about ever says. Frank says he knows everything. "You have built your entire new gambling business on the back of stolen money from a dead woman!" Behind Frank, Don aims a deadly glare at Bill, who's still denying everything. Frank says this puts Bill's new venture on a very shaky foundation, and his father's holding a jackhammer. Frank wants a check, or a share of Bill's business. Don't tell me: fifteen percent? Frank excitedly says, "We could be in business, you and me! We could finally turn that corner! Join me, and together we will rule the galaxy!" Except for that last part. A security guard arrives, and Bill tells him to throw Frank out for good, saying he's a vagrant. Which is pretty convincing, considering the non-dashing figure Frank cuts. As Frank gets dragged out of the room, Bill tries to reassure Don that Frank's talking crazy. Don's more immediate concern is that Frank might tell Roman that they're poaching Weber Gaming out from under him, which means they need to get to Roman before Frank does. Bill decides that it's time to drop what little finesse he's been employing up to now and provoke Roman into an open attack on the Greenes. Don thinks that's a good idea. "Lay the blame on them." He advises. "Or this house of cards will go down." You know, I don't think I ever noticed Don's gift for rhetorical imagery until now.

Roman's at the lunch counter of a diner in the city called Chili John's. I'm going to be kind and call this diner "authentic." I'm quite surprised to see Roman sitting with his back to the door; even disregarding what happens later (spoiler!), he doesn't seem the type. Bill finds him there and sits next to him at the lunch counter. Bill acts all earnest, warning Roman that Hollis and Selma Greene have asked him to spy on the UEB for them. "They think they can exploit the problems that you and I have had," he says. Oh, those silly Greenes. How they've miscalculated. Roman doesn't exactly freak out at the news; he merely orders them two butterscotch sundaes and two 7Ups. What, has Sprite fallen out of favor on this show? "The butterscotch is homemade," Roman smiles at Bill. Kind of a weird comment. I never thought of butterscotch as an independent ingredient, but just a flavor that doesn't exist outside of topping or some other medium. Now I find myself wondering what a butterscotch looks like, and whether I would be able to tell one apart from a mocha on sight. Bill remains serious, telling Roman that the Greenes are planning to attack his irrigation company. "How's my daughter?" Roman asks mildly. Bill says she's fine, and Roman tells him to look after her. "I'll take care of the Greenes. Thank you for bringing it to my attention." That would seem to be the end of the meeting, but now they still have sundaes to get through. Which won't be awkward at all. Maybe they could talk about how Roman exposed them, which these two haven't really done yet.

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