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The Fall of Roman

Bill comes home to find Barb doing homework at the kitchen table and the stove cold, meaning no dinner. Pouting, he pours himself a bowl of cereal and grumps, "You can't turn my wives against me." Without bothering to look up, Barb says, "Don't assume I have any idea what your other wives are up to." Bill shoots back, "Don't assume you got 'em wrapped around your thumb." Yeah, he realizes immediately that he's already fucked up. Barb stands up and calls to Margene through the window, ignoring Bill's request to lay off her. "If one of your wives is unhappy, we're all unhappy," Barb says. Especially if that wife is Barb. Margene comes in all innocent-like, and Barb tells her, "Give it up. He told me." Bill denies it. Nicki comes in too, and Bill asks her if she's in on this. She and Barb pretend not to be colluding, until Barb angrily changes the subject: "Bill! I started with seven nights. Then down to three and a half. Now it's two and change. I'm not going down a minute farther." Margene points out that that's not going to work when there's a fourth wife. Wrong thing to say, and now Bill's in even bigger trouble than he was before. Barb says any fourth wife is going to be sleeping in the basement rather than getting any of Barb's nights. Bill asks what Barb's saying about the future of the family, and Barb says she's drawing a line. Even Nicki thinks Barb is going too far now, and Bill protests, "You can't dictate to me!" He again demands a night off, and Barb says if that's how he wants it, he can continue to sleep in the basement. Bill says fine. "On my nights, too?" Margene asks. Bill high-handedly tells her to talk to Barb about it, which loses him his one ally in this. Idiot. "Wow," Margene says. "You sold me out and now you're cutting me off. Have fun in your basement." "She's right," Barb snaps. "Go to your room." Trapped, Bill looks around at the unsympathetic faces surrounding him. He gathers up his milk, cereal bowl, and spoon, and retreats to his cave. "If I catch anyone down there, they're dead," Barb threatens her co-wives. Margene looks unhappy, and Nicki looks smug. As usual.

The next day, Bill is at the office when he gets a phone call from Hollis Greene. Looking severely beaten, Hollis accuses Bill of setting Roman on him. Bill denies it while Don looks nervous in the background, overhearing this on the speakerphone. "You stand in the way of our ascension," Hollis intones, just to sound that much more evil. He says that when they dropped Bill's name to try and get Roman's goons to lay off, they told Hollis who sent them. Yeah, maybe Bill should have told Roman to leave him out of it. Hollis narrates, "We were dragged from our factory. I was beaten…they humiliated my brother Selma." His brother, Selma. I am now more confused than ever. Does every creepy cult leader on this show have to have a sadistic, sexually ambiguous, closely related lieutenant? Hollis hands the phone over to Selma, who is wrapped in a blanket and covered in what looks like white paint or plaster or something. I'm sure it all carries some deeper significance to people who are smarter than me. Selma angrily demands the surrender of all of Bill's business interests to them, and the surrender of Bill himself tomorrow, "At noon o' clock." Selma hangs up. Don tells Bill that he went too far, like Bill doesn't already know that. Don says he's stepping in, and calling in Lawyer Lee. He looks very in charge right now, in his black suit (not to step on Sobell's toes and her theories regarding suit colors). And then the new secretary, Leslie, comes in to say that Bill's uncle is in the parking lot. Just what Bill needs. Wait, does Eddie have his motor home? Because an escape route actually does sound like what Bill needs.

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