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The Fall of Roman

Inside Uncle Eddie's motor home, which takes up most of the Home Plus parking lot, Bill yells at Eddie for helping him buying his company "with money from a not-dead woman." Eddie tells him nobody knows that. Except, as Bill points out, Frank, since Lois told him. He tells Eddie to scram, and not to contact him. Eddie asks about his money. Bill says Eddie will get it back if the deal pans out, but without interest. Eddie mopes over his tea, probably thinking, Seriously, pea cans? I mean, what the fuck?

Ben's not doing a very good job of being grounded, because he's in Brynn's bedroom. I'm pretty sure Bill wouldn't have made an exception for that. He leaves off trying to get her out of her clothes just long enough to schmoop about how sad he'd be if something happened to her. "Your family hates me," Brynn says with a rueful smile. Ben says that'll all be fixed when they get married, and offers her the ring he stole from his mom's jewelry box. He says it won't change their relationship; just make it moral from his parents' perspective. Yeah, I'm sure they'll buy that. But what matters for now is that Brynn does, and she accepts his ring. Funny, until now I kind of thought she was the brains of this couple.

It's dark by the time Ben gets home with Barb's car, and Bill and Barb are standing in the living room, waiting and glowering, when he comes inside. Ben tries to claim he was at work, but since his dad's the boss, that doesn't really fly. Time to get a new job, Benny. They adjourn to the living room so they can sit him down on the couch and stand over him, asking if he was with Brynn. Except Barb says "Brynn" in the way people normally say "cancer." Ben heads off this line of questioning by saying that he wants to be pure, and to that end, he and Brynn are getting married. All better, right? Wrong. Barb and Bill don't exactly seem thrilled, and Barb has to sit down. Bill says Ben is too young. Ben tries, "You're the one standing in the way of our eternal salvation. If you want that on your back --" Barb calls bullshit, saying that Ben has no idea if Brynn is really the one. But Ben's way ahead of her on that, saying that she only has to be the one for right now, until he meets a second wife. Barb is too shocked and horrified to hear Ben talking like this to notice that Bill is looking extremely guilty. You'll recall that he and Ben talked about this last season. And now he realizes that he's the one in trouble. Again. He sends Ben to his room so he and Barb can talk about this. "This is all your fault," Barb accuses. Yeah, no argument there. Bill promises to talk to Ben, and Barb tells him to fix it. "This is not the life I want for him." She leaves the room. Yeah, Bill will fix it real good.

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