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The Fall of Roman

So then Bill goes back to work. From his basement, he's on the phone with Lawyer Lee, who's been meeting with Don in the darkened Home Plus office. Lee says they have an appointment at the local ATF office at 9:00 the next morning, and the ATF is very interested in nabbing the Greenes. I would have thought that after Waco, the ATF would be rather leery about becoming perceived as the ATFC (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Cults), but apparently not. Bill puts off whoever is knocking on his basement door as he frets about going to the cops. Lee thinks getting the authorities involved beats having firebombs get tossed at Bill's store or his house, and Bill can't really argue that. "Is there anything he can't say?" Don asks on the extension. Lee just tells Bill to "tread lightly." Bill thanks Lee and Don, hangs up, makes a note of the appointment, and tells whoever's upstairs to come in. Of all people, it's Nicki who enters, and she's in a conciliatory mood. On behalf of Barb and Margene, she's stepping up and offering to make her nights his night off, just in case it really is about her. "You don't have to take this out on Barb and Margie," she says. Bill sits her down and says that's not it. And then he gets all horny-faced. He kisses her, lies her back, and reaches up her skirt. Her white cotton panties come off, with no resistance from her whatsoever. But when his head disappears beneath her skirt, she has a minor freak-out. She asks if that's really what he wants, because she prefers it "face to face." Bill's already undoing his belt. "Is that okay?" she asks. Well, given the fact that the words are barely out of her mouth before he's positioned her on his lap and put her right to work, it seems to be. "You're a very good girl," he moans. She nods obediently. Barb doesn't come down and catch them, because the show wouldn't be as interesting if she killed them both.

In the morning, Barb is in the kitchen telling an unseen individual what it was like when she first married Bill, and how she couldn't imagine sharing that love. "When Nicki came along, it was the hardest moment of my entire life," she says, as we see that she's talking to a very serious-looking Brynn. Which I'm sure Ben will appreciate. "Polygamy is a hard life. If you decide you still want it, you need to really be on board." Brynn? So not on board.

Bill's appointment at the ATF office is not going especially well. "How many wives do you have?" asks the agent he and Lee are meeting. Bill tells her that he was kicked out of Juniper Creek at 14, and he's totally different from Roman and the Greenes. The agent cuts off Bill's self-righteous lecture by tossing him a couple of grisly crime scene photos from Mexico, which show that apparently the Greenes have been up to some south-of-the border killin' of their own brothers, which is why they're back in the U.S. now. Which seems kind of backward. In more ways than the Greenes already are, that is. This is news to Bill, who asks what he needs to do. The agent tells Bill to take her there, like it's his fault the Greenes are homicidal nutbars. Lee objects to Bill getting put in harm's way, and asks for "a little respect" in light of the risk Bill took in turning in the Greenes to begin with. The agent just chuckles, and gets a nice long chunk of dialogue to show off a Southie accent that Jimmy Fallon would consider too broad. "Where I come from, you're all the same. Mormons, LDS, polygamists…you can't just wrap it up in God and make it all okay." She warns him never to leave Utah. "I would feel no guilt puttin' you behind baahs." Okay, lots of people have issues and questions about other people's religions, and may even disapprove of certain tenets or sects. This chick's just a bigot. Bill asks her about her religion, making it an open-ended question rather than just assuming from her Boston accent that she's Irish Catholic. When she says it's none of his business, he says, "Exactly," and tells her to start writing. Wicked pissah.

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