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The Fall of Roman

In the morning, Bill sneaks out through Margene's back door, thinking Nicki didn't see. But of course the second he's gone, Nicki runs right over to tell Margene, "You should be ashamed of yourself for emasculating our husband like that." I have to say, I don't get the mindset that cunnilingus makes one less of a man. And neither does my good friend Mistress Rawhide. Margene has no idea what Nicki's talking about, until she tells her that she ought to close her curtains. And then Margene is embarrassed and pissed all at the same time. Nicki goes on about how "men hate that." Yes, I'm sure some men do. Don't date or marry those men. Margene assures her that she has to drag Bill up so she can get a turn. "There's nothing wrong with a little oral," she says, and suggests asking Barb if she and Bill indulge. Nicki refuses, calling Margene a sex addict who's bringing their men down, going so far as to accuse her of knowing all along about Ben "and that blonde whore." Which, there's no evidence of that either way, except for the slightly guilty look Margene's suddenly wearing. Hmm. Of course Barb picks this moment to come in, and Nicki asks Margene if they should talk to Barb about that, too. Barb takes up position across the kitchen counter from Margene, who decides that the best defense is a good offense: "Nicki was staring in my house last night." "Were you doing something you weren't supposed to?" Barb asks pointedly, and Margene drops the injured act. Barb lies that she's not mad this time, but it better not happen again. "If it's my night, it's my night." Even if she spends it on the couch? Yes, this is another one of the unpublicized drawbacks of polygyny: it's a lot harder to control your husband by withholding sex when there's a willing vagina literally right next door. Margene tries to blame Bill, and Barb tells her she could have said no. "Don't bet on it," Nicki snarks. Barb makes the decree that Bill isn't getting his seventh night off, and until he drops it, they're all shutting him out. Maybe Barb should have made sure everyone was on board before declaring a general poontang strike. Even now, Margene would vote no. "Why do I have to suffer because of you two?" she asks. Barb tells Margene, "You have free will here. But if you ever want us to back you up in the future, you'll do this." And Barb's out. "It's only fair," Nicki snipes. Yeah, Margene doesn't appear to see it this way, but Barb's threat would carry a lot more weight if I could think of a time when they backed Margene up in the past. Shorter Barb: "Do what I want or nothing will change." Brr.

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