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Miami Vice: “Streetwise”

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The Hapless Hooker Goes To Miami
A few feet away from Wesley Snipes's spasming corpse, Bill Paxton is croaking out a final farewell to Carla. "I'll think of you from the set of Apollo 13," he says. "While you have that recurring part on Melrose Place in 1993." Or he just says her name before slumping into the asphalt while she gets all sobby. But not to worry: the Vice team promises to do all they can to help her in this her time of need -- counseling, immunity from prosecution, the whole ball of wax. At least that way, Bill Paxton won't have died in vain. Or maybe he did...since the very last shot of the episode features Carla back in the streets where we found her, while Don Johnson croons "Streetwise" on a continuous loop. Oh, Miami Vice: your grim worldview both entertains and depresses. How we need you now more than ever. Next time on Miami Vice, Crockett and Tubbs go on paid administrative leave pending the investigation of all the people they shot to death in this episode of Miami Vice. Or perhaps they just investigate drugs.

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