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Bill bursts into Roman's sickroom and says it's time to go. "You're going back. I'm putting you back," he chest-pounds. Roman scoffs at the idea of Bill putting him anywhere. "I knew you never had it in you to do me harm," he gloats. "You're a store clerk at heart." Bill angrily grabs Roman by the lapels of his robe and makes some vague threats. "Wouldn't it be poetic if your reign ended as my grandfather's did? In a suspicious death? Quiet and unseen?" Sure would. Where's that straight razor? Bill releases his father-in-law and boasts that he took Weber Gaming right out from under him. Roman tells him to give it back with as much authority he can muster, which, as Bill correctly points out, isn't much at the moment. He tells Roman the score: Alby has taken over as Roman's successor, so now Bill's going to reinstall Roman. Furthermore, Bill was voted in as Roman's successor. "So it's all come to pass," Roman sighs fatalistically. Bill says for the third time this hour that he doesn't want the gig. But once again, he and Roman need each other: "You can't stop Alby. Not on your own. Nor can I." And hey, while they're having such a candid little powwow, Bill has some other old, unfinished business: "Why did you run me off?" Roman: "I didn't want you around." Bill: "I was just a boy." Roman: "But look at you now." That's some clean writing, right there. So much in so few words. Maybe too much. Bill mentions Weber Gaming again, and Roman, with a wave of his hand, says, "All right, you win." Looking a bit surprised -- if not disappointed -- with how easy that was, Bill leaves Roman alone to get dressed for his triumphant return. Too bad Adaleen couldn't have gotten out of their house with his cowboy hat.

Downstairs, Bill gives instructions to Joey, who's going to be the wheel man for Roman's return to the compound. Joey leaves, and Bill looks into the backyard, where Margene is talking to Ana. Bill doesn't look at all happy to see the latter.

And then stupid Nicki, who can't ever keep her mouth shut when it really matters, blows the whole thing by going and calling up Alby to tell him that Roman's coming home, he's pissed, and Alby had better run. But Alby doesn't exactly take to his heels the moment he hangs up. In fact, it looks like flight is the very last thing on his mind.

Meanwhile, Barb goes past Nicki with a serving tray, and sees that in the next room, Margene and Ana and Bill are all talking in a group. Barb looks shocked. We can't clearly hear what Bill is saying, but it's clear that it's not pleasant. "I can't deal with either of you right now," Bill says, and goes outside, followed by Ana. "Don't worry, Lolly," she tells him angrily. "I'll keep your secret." I don't know where "Lolly" came from, because she never called him that before. Maybe it's Serbian for "cockslap."

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