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Playing With The Big Kids

Nicki hurries into her house to find Roman laid out on her living room sofa. Adaleen shows Nicki the vial of dope that Roman's full of. "He became wild in the car. I had to give him two Ativan, a Percocet, and three Ambien." Yeah, good thing she got him away from the crazy daughter-in-law who was pumping him full of drugs, right? Nicki asks who knows. "If anyone knew, I'd be shot," Adaleen says, not explaining how she not only physically carried her husband out of the house and into her car, but did so without alerting any of the guards. Nicki blames Alby, and Adaleen says it's actually Lura's fault. She embarks on a whole paranoid, Nicki-esque rant about how the two of them will bring down all the Grants, they'll be thrown out of the big house, and she herself will be reassigned to "God knows who." Better hope it isn't Frank. Nicki tells her to calm down. Adaleen throws down a bundle of cash, saying she can pay for the inconvenience, medical expenses, and new pajamas for Roman because Alby and Lura never bothered changing him. So maybe also a new sofa would be in order, then. Adaleen asks to stay, and without looking at Nicki, she tries to clear the air about their "recent harsh words" without actually apologizing. "I had to honor my husband," she insists. So Adaleen cut off Nicki, and Nicki had a demolition derby with a freezer in front of Adaleen's house, and now they're even? Okay, I suppose that sounds about right. I don't know.

It's nighttime, and Lura and Alby have just now discovered Roman's empty bed. "What are the chances he'll die on his own?" Alby wonders, clearly thinking that Roman left under his own steam. That's the thing about prophets; they tend to be pretty stubborn about not dying before they're damn good and ready. Lura admits it's possible, and wonders what they do now. "We've come to far to turn back now," Alby says, which causes Lura to start amorously mauling him. Fortunately, the scene ends before we have to watch them start fucking on Roman's abandoned sickbed. Which probably smells like old-man poo anyway.

Adaleen is struggling to back her blue Hummer into Nicki's driveway, and she's having quite a bit of trouble, despite (or perhaps because of) Nicki's coaching from the sidelines. She ends up backing into the garbage cans and making quite the commotion, ending up with the two women screaming at each other. Which of course brings Bill running from next door to see what's going on.

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