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Playing With The Big Kids

Next thing you know, he's standing with Nicki to one side of him and Barb on the other. They're watching as Roman, who has been moved up to a bedroom in Nicki's house, undergoes an examination by a doctor who apparently makes late-night house calls. Adaleen is also in the room, as is Margene, looking like she'd rather be in her own bed. The doctor gives his diagnosis: Roman should really be dead by now, although he doesn't say specifically from what. He does forbid them to give Roman any more sedatives of any kind, and adds that what Lura was using on him is for veterinary use only. They didn't even spring for human drugs? Actually, forget I said that. I'm in a position to know that cat drugs, for example, aren't cheap, and insurance doesn't cover them. Maybe I should give Alby credit for not just shooting Roman's motionless form with a tranq dart every few hours. The doctor and Bill step out in the hallway, as Barb hisses to Nicki that Roman can't stay and needs to go to the hospital. Nicki says he'll be too vulnerable to the Greenes and his enemies, which she doesn't mention currently include Alby, because we already know that Alby can enter their homes at will, with or without poisonous reptiles. Margene wearily says that Nicki's father should stay. "Do you want snakes in your bed, Margene?" Barb asks her. Adaleen wonders when Barb became so sarcastic. Barb doesn't actually have an answer for that, even though the reason came out from under Adaleen's skirt. Nicki gets all high-minded and says it's no accident that Roman is there. "We're intended to restore him," she says loftily.

Out in the hallway, the doctor tells Bill that Roman should be in the hospital. Bill thanks him and sends him off with a wad of cash. He's about to go back into the room, but Adaleen intercepts him and quietly reminds him that he owes her, big time. Bill goes back in and lies to everyone that the doctor advised against moving Roman, so he's staying. Adaleen is about to go call people to tell them Roman's safe, but Bill shoots that idea down, saying that it's safer for Roman if no one knows he's there, or even that he's alive. Best to keep things quiet, and keep the phone calls and late-night Humvee-parking to a minimum. Is Bill really trying to do the right thing by Nicki and his in-laws, or is he just reluctant to let his vulnerable mortal enemy out of his thrall?

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