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Not tonight, honey, I have exposition

That night, Bill shuffles into the bathroom. He turns on the shower, checks to make sure Barb's not paying attention, then pops a Viagra. When he finally heads out to bed, the light's out, Barb appears to be out, and there's a check on the pillow. Barb rolls over and sleepily asserts, "It's not because you asked. It's because I wanted to." She is the queen of passive aggression.

Bill hops into bed, grinning. It's unclear whether it’s because Barb finally caved on the check, or because the Viagra's just kicked in. Regardless of the reason, I'm sorry to report that he just wasted his $10 on that little blue pill; Barb wants her sleep.

Bill rolls over and contemplates his erection. He's awfully zen for a guy with a stiffie. Then his tranquility is shattered as he says, "I think Mom's trying to poison Dad." Well -- that wakes Barb right up, and the episode ends with her rolling over to stare at him in shock. We go to black right before Bill can say, "Now that you're am I."

Next week: Margene's morning orgasms set off a lot of competitive hijinks.

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Big Love




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