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Not tonight, honey, I have exposition

The minute the SUV passes a gas station and steers onto a dusty gravel road half-hidden by trees, the sunny country music is replaced by a dissonant twang. We see a lot of women, very modestly dressed, walking on the side of the road. Many of them are very young. They realize it's Nicki, and she smiles and waves, looking genuinely happy for the first time since the UPS guy showed. Barb can't hide her horror.

We get to the compound and there are lots of little girls playing, slightly older girls doing work in a garden, and still older women supervising children. All of them are dressing in clothing Ma and the rest of the Ingalls girls might have considered too old-fashioned. Why on earth must cults always insist on dressing the women in frumpy clothing? Why can't there be a fashion-conscious cult for a change? I mean, outside of Imitation of Christ fashion shows?

The first time we see Lois Henrickson, she's looking at something we can't see and her expression is grim. Then she hears the SUV pull up and out comes the sunny personality. Bill kisses her hello and she hugs him happily. Then she heads over to Barb and squeezes her hands while saying nice things about Sarah, then asks, "Did you bring the children?" "No, Lois, they have school," Barb answers, in a tone that finishes the sentence with "because they are not being raised in a freakish cult." Lois snaps back, "Of course they do." So then she refocuses on fussing over Bill, but he's not having it. After noting the missing dog Gumbo, he asks after his dad, and Lois says airily that Frank's inside. Then she gets distracted because she's just noticed Nicki, and the two of them have a warm reunion. You can tell Lois totally wishes Barb were out of the picture. The look Barb casts back as she guides Bill into the house indicates the antipathy is mutual.

Bill heads inside and finds Frank passed out on the floor, wheezing from pain. Lois says casually, "He's looking better today. He's going to be fine." Back on planet Earth, Frank is wheezing at Bill, "Don't let me die." Lois shrugs that Frank merely fell off the couch. Life on Planet Lois seems pretty sweet, what with there being no bigger worries than Bill's car having a smudged windshield. She natters on about how she'll just put on fresh sheets, and Barb -- who is standing in the middle of the room, looking like she's concentrating hard on teleporting out of it -- tells her they're not staying. Bill is all, "Yeah, you know, figuring out which wife I'll grab sack time with takes a backseat to getting Dad to the doctor," and that's when Lois goes a little nuts about how doctors are pretty much useless when it comes to things like medicine. She's clearly mixed up "M.D." with "Medicare reform."

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