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Death Be Not Proud...

The poor girl who hands over the shakes asks if they want ketchup with the fries, and this sets Nicki off again. Hello, displacement!

Then comes a very sweet shot of the two of them sucking down their drinks together, all while not looking at each other. Barb finally speaks first, saying, "I'm so tired of your goading me." Nicki keeps it right up with, "Sorry, Mrs. Henrickson." Barb asks what Nicki's damage is, and Nicki lies about how she's trying to have a baby. She piously claims, "I'm doing it to bring the family closer together." Yes -- having babies has saved marriages for time immemorial. Abraham and Sarah were closer after Hagar popped out Ismael. A baby sure rekindled the romance for Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

Barb points out that she is part of the family and Nicki doesn't seem to want to have her in it. Nicki rebuts that she's second wife, and it sucks that she has no public life with Bill and Barb controls everything. Barb throws her hands up and says, "Sorry I didn't die!" Yowch. Nicki calls her on that crap, saying, "How can you say that to me, when I'm the one that took care of you?" With Nicki's care, it's a wonder Barb lived. Nicki continues, "It's like you forget. I watched you while you were sleeping, I prayed for you to get better...I don't see how you could say something like that to me." Barb is near tears as she says, "I will never forget what you did for me. I will never forget it. I want you to have the baby." Nicki then pulls her Amanda Woodward move of the episode, fake-shyly confessing, "I wanted to have a girl, for you." They resume sucking on their shakes. Barb looks happier, if drained, while Nicki's still looking a little shifty.

Bill's heading home from the cult. He fields a call from a jubilant Lois, who tells him that Frank's agreed to make an honest woman of her. She adds, "We won't be moving in together, which means we'll probably be getting along a little better, but it doesn't matter anyway." She adds, very quietly, "He won't be around very much longer." Bill is, "Gah-WHAT?" and Lois hastily assures him, "It's just that Satan's bound to notice that one of his overachieving toadies is missing." Or something to that effect. Way to rekindle the fires of suspicion, Lois.

Then Bill heads through the door. Ben stands on the patio and watches his dad passionately greet Margene, then notices the other wives and children clustering in as well. Later, he comes out to talk to Bill as his dad's chilling by the pool. Ben asks, "Do you think I should have more than one wife? I mean, do you want me to live the Principle when I'm ready?" Bill is clearly a little taken aback by this request. He eventually tells Ben, "Plural marriage is a tremendous responsibility, Benny. It can be terribly abused. It's not for every man. God calls us to it and we have to answer with fortitude." Which seems to be a very indirect way of saying. "Don't do it." Ben says he thinks he'll be good at it. Bill continues, "You have a big heart, son. What do you say we keep an eye on it?" Then he heads off to Margene's, and Ben heads home to try not to think about what his dad is doing to his Not-Mom who's got it going on.

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