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Bill heads up to the cult's main office and knocks for a while. Then he rings the bell for a while. Adaleen pulls up the window, snapping, "What?" until she sees that it's Bill. Then it's all strained politeness. I get the feeling Adaleen is just living for the day when she can completely lose her shit on someone, to the point where, when she's done, there's nothing left but a smoking pile of cinders where the target of her wrath used to be. Bill then asks for time with Roman tomorrow, Adaleen high-hands him for a while -- see? Lots of pent-up aggression -- and she slams the window shut so she can go talk to Roman. Adaleen gets an answer she doesn't like because she comes stomping out, flings the window up again, and tells Bill to be at Roman's office at 10 AM, prompt. Bill replies, "I always am." Adaleen replies, "I know you are, dear." She slams off again, and Bill shakes his head, thinking, This is what I have to look forward to with Nicki when she gets The Change. O rapture unbounded!

Bill then heads back to Joey's house and catches Wanda in mid-caulk. He takes the moment to ask how Joey's really doing, and she says, "He's been sober for seven months and everyone says the first year's the real test, so we're halfway there." Then Frank pulls up and Wanda's face goes sour. Bill says, "Oh, no. I'm not seeing him." Wanda says pleadingly, "Don't let Joey be alone with him," but Bill merely glares from on high.

Back at Henricksons' homes plus, it's Polygynous Beverage Hour with Barb and Peg. First topic of discussion: Barb's affair. She tells Peg, "I'm having an affair with first, I didn't know what was happening. We started meeting in motels. I don't like the sneaking around. Actually, I love the sneaking around -- it is so exciting!" Peg looks deeply disapproving. She asks, "What do you expect to come of this?" Barb replies, "Well, I'm not actually thinking what will come of it -- I'm just enjoying it. I thought you'd find it amusing?" Peg does not. She says, "I understand that it's difficult sometimes to feel special in your marriage, but this is kind of dangerous, don't you think?" No, Barb does not. This has gone from Beverage Hour to The McLaughlin Group. And come to think of it, wouldn't that be an excellent Sunday morning show, with Don and Bill's wives all sitting around debating the issues of the day? I see Nicki in the John McLaughlin role. Margene is clearly Eleanor Clift. Peg is worked up about this: "I wouldn't want Don to do it to me. Look, you love Bill. But so do the other two women who are married to him, and their four children -- who are also your children, too." Barb is not listening to any of it. Peg admits that having an affair with your husband can be a complicated thing, then brings out the Howitzer in her arsenal of arguments: "He's not going to leave his wives."

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