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Death Be Not Proud...

When Pam leaves, Ben comes in and demands, "What are you doing? You had the neighbor lady here." Margene is like, So it's come to this. Even the children are bossing me around. Ben then has a snit fit over Margene having the nerve to socialize with anyone to whom she's not already married. Ben shouts, "I think you're being really disrespectful!" and Margene shouts back, "Well, I just wanted to watch a fucking romantic comedy, Ben!" Cut to Ben's shell-shocked look. Heh -- it's sweet that he's fazed by his Not-Mom cussing. Things defuse, and Ben pleads, "Please don't be mad at me." Margene clarifies that she's not mad at him; it's just that the strain of living so guardedly is getting to her and she's deeply lonely. This would appear to be one of the big paradoxes of stealth polygamy: temperamentally, the people most suited to it would be introverts who don't need a lot of external human interaction...and yet the whole point to group marriage is that there's a lot of external human interaction. Margene dissolves in tears, and Ben gently tells her, "You just need a place to go that's neutral. A class or something where you can meet people. You just can't invite them home." Margene asks Ben if this is hard for him; he admits that it was, but now he's very good at compartmentalizing. Margene feels better, and she gives Ben a long hug in gratitude. Ben sinks into her, then pulls away quietly. When he's leaving, his hands are shoved in his sweatshirt pocket in a way that suggests he's trying to rearrange his shorts discreetly.

Bill is chilling on Wanda and Joey's sofa-bed. He overhears them getting down to business, and it inspires him to call Barb for a little phonelatio.

The next morning, Bill arrives at Roman's offices right at 10 AM. A passel of be-suited goons are all hovering around outside, and really, it seems like maybe the cultists should consider getting hobbies. All that lurking around in cheap poly-cotton blends can't be intellectually stimulating. Have the guys considered doing Sudoku?

It turns out Bill's been double-booked with the Geritol Poetry Hour. Bill stands around as Rhonda hammily recites Emily Dickinson's "Poem 572," (so identified by the show; this site says it's poem 304). Roman then chides Bill for his manners in actually bringing up business at a business meeting, piously hiding behind Roberta's funeral, but Bill won't be shamed into dropping his business. Roman tells Rhonda to recite another poem. She starts in on Cecil Francis Alexander's "The Burial of Moses," but Bill hasn't spent the last day handling his high-strung mother, getting his buttons pushed by that walking boil known as Frank, and listening to Joey get it on so he can cool his heels to sentimental ditties. Roman kicks Rhonda out.

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