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Rock And A Hard Place

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It's morning at the Henrickson households, where a general atmosphere of chaos and disarray is immediately symbolized by a close-up of Bill's bare feet stepping on a couple of plastic dinosaurs lying on the floor of Barb's kitchen. All the spouses are there, plus the semi-fugitive Rhonda, rocking her Creeker pompadour along with what looks like a random assortment of items from Sarah's closet. Bill and Nicki are both working the phones. Bill's looking for relatives to stick Rhonda with, at least for the time being; Nicki's doing a little expository heavy lifting with Wanda (apparently everyone at the compound thinks Bill and Nicki not only took Rhonda, but did it on purpose) while Margene operates the address book. Barb, meanwhile, has her hands full with Rhonda. Literally, she's got her hands full with the girl, holding her close and stroking her hair and generally treating her like the helpless, innocent child she isn't. Nicki suggests the Bowdens of Rock Springs, Wyoming. She happens to mention that they have a tool and die machine shop, with more than a touch of envy. Rhonda sneaks Nicki a hateful glare. Sarah comes in to report that the boys are getting hungry, so Nicki dispatches Rhonda to help Sarah with breakfast at Nicki's house. "We all pitch in around here," she adds pointedly when Rhonda doesn't pop right up out of Barb's lap. After Rhonda has left the house, Bill tells Barb that it's not safe for anyone to keep Rhonda around, including Rhonda. But Barb's protective instincts are running full-bore, and she's already suggesting they just adopt Rhonda. Yes, that would go smoothly. Bill says getting the state involved will just end up with Rhonda right back at the compound. Nicki's like, hey! Why don't we just skip straight to that part? Everyone looks at her in surprise, and she points out that this situation is likely to get them in trouble with Roman on top of everything else. Bill steps away from the circle to take a cell phone call from Don and tell him to go by himself to wherever they were planning to go, presumably a meeting with the poker machine company. Barb's still all, "What's best for Rhonda," and Nicki yells, "She hid in the back of our car!" She says it so forcefully that one might almost take that statement for a relevant argument.

Meanwhile, Margene has gotten a hold of the aforementioned Willie Bowden, who is apparently talking to her from the floor of his machine shop, judging by all the yelling Margene has to do. She gives the phone to Bill, and the guy on the other end is yelling so loud they can all hear as he asks, "Is she firm and able-bodied? ...We can always use another set of hands in the shop. Can she handle a blowtorch?" Nicki's looking at Bill with hope in her eyes -- If she won't go, send me -- but Bill lets the call drop.

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