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At night, Sarah sits in Scott's car talking. And then not talking, as she plants one on him. When he doesn't respond, she goes nearly fetal with humiliation. Into the silence, Scott says that Heather told him about Sarah's plan to have them go on a not-date date, and asks why Sarah did that. She admits she was scared. And then Scott kisses her back, like, a lot. I know it's supposed to be romantic, but again -- he's 28, she's 18. It's hard to dismiss Heather's assessment.

"Sarah?" says Alby from the open car window behind her. GAAH! She jerks around to look at him, frozen, and he smiles in a way I think he intends to be reassuring. "Who's your friend?" Alby asks. Her "friend" is looking a little freaked out himself, matter of fact. Alby asks if Bill knows Sarah's there. "Yeah," Sarah lies, badly. Alby's unconvinced, and says Sarah shouldn't be there. "I work here," Sarah says. Alby offers to drive Sarah home, and is actually reaching for Scott's inside door handle to open it up and get Sarah out of the car, but Scott speaks up and says he'll get Sarah home. Alby reaches out and strokes Sarah's hair. Scott's like, What the fuck, and Sarah just miserably shakes her head at him, like, I don't know. Alby says to Sarah, "You be careful. I'm watching out for you. Mmm." It's that "Mmm" that really drives the willies home. And then he's gone. Scott asks who that is. "Just an uncle," Sarah understates. Now, where were they?

Bill lets himself into the house, looking more relaxed than we've seen him all episode. His wives are pretty much the opposite. He finds Barb sitting on the couch, holding hands with Nicki and Margene (who is also holding Lester, still. I can't believe how much screen time the Lester twins get this episode). Bill tells them that Joey was released and the case was thrown out, conveniently enough. The wives don't exactly break out the bubbly. Barb turns expectantly to Nicki, signaling her to tell Bill what she needs to tell him. Nicki turns to Bill, and takes a deep breath. Black screen! Just kidding.

At the runaway shelter, we get another look at that blue Hard Rock Café baseball jacket, only this time it's being worn by Rhonda. She smiles at her refection in the mirror and puts a small flower over her left ear. And then, to the strains of "Tiny Dancer," we see her walking through the night with her borrowed luggage. Running away from a runway shelter, of all things.

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