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For reasons that are beyond me, Nicki stays in the room with Rhonda instead of following Barb. She can't be feeling too deprived of quality one-on-one time with the little snot. And indeed, Rhonda starts right in on her: "Listen, liar, I'm not staying in this horrible place with these horrible people." Nicki says it's Rhonda's own fault for running away in the first place, and the shelter was Barb's idea. Rhonda warns Nicki to change Barb's mind, gratuitously calling her a liar again in the process. Nicki tells Rhonda to knock it off or she'll send her back, and she's had a bit more time to think of threats of her own. "They'll send you away to a re-education camp. To a clinic in Flagstaff. To a labor ranch in Idaho. They'll teach you to keep sweet and it won't be pretty." Rhonda thinks Nicki's bluffing, but Nicki knows names of girls who've been there, and asks Rhonda how she thinks they got that way. Is there anyone at Juniper Creek you couldn't ask that about? "Old Roman wouldn't do that to me," Rhonda boasts, with not quite complete confidence. The conversation abruptly pauses as a teenage girl comes into the room, takes her hideous blue Hard Rock Café baseball jacket off the bunk bed post where it's hanging, and leaves without a word. The interruption has given both Nicki and Rhonda a moment to cool down. Nicki decides to try playing nice, promising to get Rhonda out of there ASAP. "You just have to trust me," she says into Rhonda's fierce pout, and then leaves the room.

Out in the hallway, Nicki takes a candy out of the bowl in the hallway and pops it in her mouth. She's enjoying the moment a lot more than the candy alone could account for.

Bill's in his office, where he's set up a phone recorder so he can call Wanda and try to trap her into a confession. And while Wanda may be a bit crazy, she isn't dumb, because she doesn't fall into Bill's trap. Bill overplays it, saying Joey is the one who wants her to tell the truth. Wanda asks why Bill didn't come and tell her that right away.

Bill: "I had a lunch."

Wanda: "Where'd you eat?"

Bill: "…Arby's."

Wanda: "In Meeker?"

Bill: "Yeah."

Wanda: "There's no Arby's in Meeker."

And then she's hung up on him before he can say another word. Nicely played, Bill. He should probably stop underestimating and trying to screw over the serial poisoner in the family. That could become dangerous.

Barb is just trying to unload some groceries from the back of her station wagon when she's abruptly accosted by a red-haired close-talker. She introduces herself as April Blessing, if you can believe that, and says she wants to work with Barb on Rhonda's case as an ombudsman. This chick is just waaay too excited about all of this, and she is waaaay too in the loop, thanks to our friend Neal at the runaway shelter, who called her. She says the shelters don't have any experience with kids who have escaped from polygamy compounds, like Rhonda did. And she already knows from Neal that Bill grew up on a compound, so he of all people should understand how hard it will be for Rhonda to assimilate into society. "I'm sure he'll tell you that the temptation to return to polygamy can be overwhelming," April says. "Yes," Barb agrees. April is still giving Barb the hard sell about how these kids are "hard-wired" not to go against their prophets. That seems to reach Barb, because she's all about people learning to stand up to Roman, as we know from earlier. "I ran away myself when I was 16," April volunteers, explaining absolutely everything. Now she's just a different kind of zealot. Barb makes this face like she originally thought April was a bit crazy, but now she can relax now that she knows why that is. She actually agrees to take April's card, but then says no. "Call me. For Rhonda," April says forcefully, and speed-walks back to her car like she's got a dozen of these kids all over town and she stands to earn a commission for each one.

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