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Having struck out with Wanda, Bill's now on the phone with Lois, telling her that the cover-up is falling apart. Lois is out on Wanda's porch on her cell phone; Bill is raiding his employees' desks for anything he can find to settle his stomach, and he winds up with a cocktail of Sprite and Mylanta. He says Joey set him up. "If we can't get her to confess by tomorrow, both your sons will be in jail," he tells Lois. "And so will you." That gets Lois's attention. "That girl's becoming a big fat liability," Lois remarks. Yeah, the rest of us got that memo several episodes ago. Bill tells Lois to get Wanda to confess. Lois hangs up, because she's got an even better idea (she thinks. She's wrong).

In Roman's office, he and Adaleen are discovering the shortcomings of his telephone recording labeling and filing system, in the sense that there isn't one. His desk is littered with poorly labeled cassettes spilling out of old shoe boxes. Adaleen is zipping through one of the tapes now, but all that seems to be on there is a lot of Roman talking about cheese, the apocalypse, the Garden of Eden, and Jefferson County, Missouri. I'm not sure it would make any more sense if we could hear the whole thing. Adaleen assures Roman that they'll find the right tape. Roman is fretting because he promised to get the tape to the state police by three that afternoon. I don't suppose he'd consider boxing up the lot and letting the cops sort it out? No, probably not.

Lois is in Wanda's kitchen, supposedly coming up with some lunch, while Wanda's out in the front room cooing at the baby. Lois regards the jar of mayonnaise in her hand, and decides to make her move. Wanda hears the crash and runs to investigate. She finds a shattered Hellmann's jar on the floor -- which was just about full, I'd like to add, so way to waste food, Lois -- and an apparently distraught Lois leaning against the counter. Wanda steps right up to start cleaning up the mess with paper towels, out of the frame, which is the best way to clean up a broken mayo jar if you ever have to do it. Lois lets her take care of it, because it's not enough to try to gaslight her daughter-in-law and waste her condiments; she has to make the mess on the floor Wanda's problem as well. All class, that Lois. She goes into a whole bit about how both her sons are going to jail thanks to the DA "I wish I could take that gun in my glove compartment and blow the hate right out of him. Just make all this go away." Because, yeah, that's how it would work. Lois Henrickson: making things worse since God knows when. Wanda nods thoughtfully, and Lois smirks to herself, because Wanda is just that easy, she thinks. I hope she's watching to see that Wanda isn't saving that glass-shard-studded mayonnaise for later use with an unwelcome visitor.

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