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Daughter Of Bridezilla

Suddenly Cindy swoops in officiously, saying, "Kindly take this hullabaloo elsewhere." Nicki tells Cindy to shut up, and Cindy responds by threatening to have Nicki arrested for trespassing. Bill tells them both to calm down, and so does the newly arrived Nancy, telling them all to stop. Barb apologizes to her mom and says that the others are going. Cindy says no, they're all going. Feeling bad about blowing this for Barb, Bill asks Nancy to let Barb stay and the rest of them will go. But Barb quietly agrees to leave with her family. Nancy sends Cindy inside (Cindy throwing venomous looks over her shoulder as she returns to the house) and hurries to catch up with Barb before she gets in whichever one of their three cars she plans to return home in. "I know this is painful for you," Nancy says gently. "It's supposed to be." Getting teary, Barb says she doesn't know about the afterlife; she just wants to see her mom in this one. Well, seriously. Is that so hard, after all? Nancy finally hugs Barb for the first time and says in farewell, "This is your one big test." Barb nods bravely and watches her mom go back to the house, then turns back to see her family all congregated behind Nicki's car, waiting for her. Wait, the wedding cake never got tipped over? This isn't a TV wedding at all!

That night, Barb and Bill enter their bedroom. Bill's still wearing the jacket Ned lent him, which I hope he remembers to return at some point. Even if that garment would fit Ned like a trench coat. He heads on into their bathroom while Barb stays behind to remove her jewelry. And then, looking in the mirror, she notices something strange in the room behind her. Uncertainly, she turns, calling Bill's name. He just answers, "What?" without coming out. And we see what Barb sees, which is that the coverlet on her neatly made bed looks a bit uneven. And it's...moving. Deciding not to wait for Bill, Barb steps over and flicks back the bedspread. Revealing two huge, live, hissing rattlesnakes. Alby certainly does have a way with a gesture, doesn't he? I guess this is why he couldn't just call Nicki on the phone earlier. Barb retreats in panic to the dresser, Bill rushing out to join her upon hearing her screams. "It's okay," he tells her, holding her and looking pretty panicked himself. One of the rattlers strikes angrily at them. See, this is why I never make my bed.

And after that frightening moment, what does David Byrne have for us to go with this week's closing credits? A bouncy mambo. Can't wait for the finale next week.

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