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Daughter Of Bridezilla

What a scene of domestic bliss we find at Joey's cabin. In the background, Kathy is vacuuming between the sofa cushions. In the middle foreground, Wanda is busy sifting powdered sugar over a Bundt cake. And in the extreme foreground, there's a can of powdered sink cleaner. How are we to bring these three disparate elements together? Looks like Wanda has an idea, as she sneakily reaches for the Not-Comet and is about to start shaking it on the cake. Before she begins, though, Joey bursts in yelling, "We gotta run! We gotta go! Alby's coming!" Wanda goes right into "He's gonna get me!" mode. Joey says that no, it's Kathy he's after, for Frank. Wanda looks briefly thrown -- and somewhat offended -- but she barely misses a beat before turning her crazy on Kathy: "Frank's gonna get you! He's gonna grab you and he's gonna get you! Oh!" Kathy just makes a "whatever, crazy" face and keeps on packing. Hey, don't forget the baby, you guys.

After dinner that night in the Henrickson backyard, Sarah morosely carries her untouched dessert plate into the house. Nicki is whispering to Bill about how Sarah sought out her counsel and would only tell her, like it wasn't a complete accident that Nicki just happened to be the first one to stumble upon her. Bill's pretty grumpy about Scott having the balls to ask Sarah to see other people, if not so much the question of where Scott has actually been putting those balls. This, of course, plays right into Nicki's current agenda as she goes on about corrosive influences, the top one being none other than...dingdingding! Weber Gaming. Seeing Barb come out into the yard, Bill quietly asks if Barb knows about Sarah's boy trouble. "No," Nicki snaps. "And don't tell Sarah I told you. I took care of it." Bill gets up to carry stuff in, and, if he had any sense at all, to find out from Sarah what Nicki actually told her.

Bill, of course, does not have any sense. He's not even inside the house before Nicki admits to Barb that she's come around to Barb's point of view on Weber Gaming. Barb ungraciously says that doesn't help much now, but Nicki keeps pushing to get Barb on her side: "When one and two throw their lots together, there's nothing they can't accomplish." Barb is understandably suspicious of Nicki's change of heart, so Nicki lets Barb in on a secret: "He stole it from the UEB." Barb doesn't think that could be possible, because, of course, Bill would have told her, and she doesn't know anything about it. Nicki, on the other hand, has already decided that her insane brother is more credible than her husband (and what a shame that in this case, she's correct). Nicki throws Barb a little pity-party about how Barb doesn't know everything that's going on these days. Seriously, did she ever even bother to ask where that boat came from? And here's Nicki's closing argument: "We have got to unload this company or we're all doomed." Nicki leaves just as Bill returns. Barb brings up Bill's dinner plans with Margene, Larry, and Larry's girlfriend. "Were you going to tell me?" she asks. Bill shrugs that it just slipped his mind. "What did you want to tell me about Ben?" he asks in return. Funny, that's suddenly slipped Barb's mind too.

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