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My Sister, My Enemy

Cue Nicki. She strolls up and coolly greets Cindy. The other woman tries to give her an imperious stare, but she soon realizes she's in the presence of a master. Nicki says mildly, "You're not staying for my punch?" Cindy's not. Margene wanders in just as Nicki turns down the temperature ten degrees with her tone of voice alone: "Then please leave our house." Cindy protests that it's not her house and Nicki circles her, saying, "You shush it. There is nothing wrong with our children. They are perfectly strong-minded, independent works of art, much like their mothers --" Cindy tries to interrupt and Nicki commands, "I said shush it." Somewhere, Roman gets a head twinge as he realizes his relentless sexism has denied him an appropriate successor to extend his legacy. Nicki continues, "Our children are at least three times as cared for, and Barb is ten times the mother. Where are your children when you skip off every week on business? Family first, right? Then how about, you go home to yours and leave us to ours?"

Cindy fires back: "Polygamy 100 years ago was quaint. Polygamy today is foul. That's just the way it is. God forbid something should happen to my sister, and those children are my responsibility, not yours. And I will do everything in my power to make sure they grow up to be good, strong, moral young people!" Nicki tells her to get out. On Cindy's way out, she clutches the newly de-virginized Ben and implores the confused young man, "Choose the right! Always!" Oh, Lord, as if the day hasn't done enough of a number on him already.

Margene watches all this as Nicki tells Barb with what appears to be genuine affection, "I just can't stand by and watch somebody hurt you." Margene looks very moved by this. So much so that she heads over and breaks up with Pam. Well, breaks up the friendship anyway, telling her, "I can't be me when I'm with you. Not 100% me…I can't. I'm only barely starting to understand the real me and maybe I just need a little alone time to figure that out…and Pam, Nicki is a good person. She's not a cockroach. I'd never do anything to hurt her. I'm sorry if I led you to believe I would." Then Margene gives the stunned and confused Pam a long, heartfelt hug, and cries as she says goodbye. Oh, man. This makes me so sad. I liked their friendship so much. I had fantasies about how Pam and Chuck would adopt Margene into their milk-drinking household and make her go to community college and give her away at her wedding to Chad. And now…well, Margie's throwing in her lot with the increasingly isolated Henricksons.

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