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My Sister, My Enemy

Meanwhile, the oblivious Bill is busy getting dressed in his new (unbeknownst to him) white clothes while Barb impresses upon him the need to alter the will so the kids don't go to Cindy. But before he can get caught up to speed, he gets distracted by Holloway parked out front. The old man asks, "Can you provide for my protection, Bill?" Bill thinks he can. Then Holloway will sing. He explains, "Orville and Roman were not alone on their final trip. Our Heavenly Father was in that truck when your grandfather died, and He saw how Roman wrestled his way to where he is now. Mighty His wrath will be, come judgment day." Bill points out that in Non-Crazyville, you have to make a factual case before accusing someone of murder. Holloway would rather go the route of blood atonement if he's wrong. And then he convinces Bill of the case by handing over an old notebook of Orville's, saying, "You should know, young man, that he saw something very special in you. He was not at all shy about that." Since Bill is still smarting from being run off the compound and is in desperate need of some sort of paternal validation, he eagerly accepts the book and Holloway's promise.

We then go to Teeny's baptism. It's a full-immersion number in the pool, and Bill says somberly, "I want to be the first to welcome you as an adult member of our family for all eternity, with all the responsibilities and privileges of a family of faith." This so moves Margene that she hustles into the pool and implores him, "Me next. I need to be baptized next, right now, right this minute. I'm sorry, Teeny. Bill, when I married into I guess I must've thought I was just marrying you. Now I realize I was marrying all of you. I was marrying sisters. My sisters, that was my choice, and I'd make that choice all over again, and I know, I know, I've made a lot of mistakes lately -- maybe always -- I can get better. I will, because, because I want to be with you guys forever too. I love you guys. I need you guys. And I never, ever want to not be in this family. Here or in heaven. Now, I'm ready." As an ecstatic Barb and Nicki look on -- Nicki grabbing Barb's hand in a spontaneously affectionate way -- Bill baptizes Margene. She pops up looking absolutely radiant for someone who's just doomed herself to a life of spousal hectoring and stunted development. Everyone else watching looks pretty happy too -- except for one person.

Ben sneaks away to his room and drops to his knees, praying, "Dear Heavenly Father, I have knowingly sinned against you. Please, I will follow your path wherever you want me to go, if you will tell me a prayer or a way to have back my virtue, my virginity. Please, dear Lord, I need you with me now." We end the episode with Ben in tears, listening intently for that still, small voice.

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