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My Sister, My Enemy

Demonstrating the possibility that having no sense of occasion is apparently passed down through the X chromosome, Bill pulls Joey away from the goings-on to scheme with him about finding a mole on the UEB council. Joey points out one thing Bill hadn't considered: many of these guys' wives are related to many of Roman's wives, and so the odds of this remaining a discreet operation are very small. Bill asks Joey to go spelunking in the Juniper Creek genealogy library. The goal is to find a council elder who's likely to be a holdover and not have too many wives who are tied in to the current ruling clique. Bill then manipulates a wary Joey into the task by saying, "If you don't want to do this, I understand. I do. But I wouldn't have asked you to do this task if I didn't think you could do it without drawing attention to yourself." Right -- because there's no way that Roman and his harem aren't keeping an eye on anyone remotely related to Bill right now. Right then, Lois barks for Joey to get into the childbirth room. Wanda bellows a similar request.

Back at Henricksons' homes plus, Nicki and Barb have set up their ironing boards in Barb's den, and are standing, facing each other as they iron. Their every action is synchronized. The mirror imagery is pretty elegant -- I don't want to think about how long the actresses must have worked on this to make it seem so casually natural. They're talking about Barb's lunch with Cindy, and the requests that Cindy made. The ironing ballet is interrupted only by a phone call from Bill, and when that's done, Teeny's hovering around Nicki, waiting for the phone. Nicki says to her, "Is your boyfriend calling?" "No. Is yours?" Teeny shoots back, and I don't care if that makes her a handful -- I love that she fearlessly snaps back at Nicki. Then the wives go back to their ironing. Funny how Margene -- the one wife tasked with taking care of Bill's clothing for the baptism -- is nowhere near this ironing party. Nicki tells Barb, "Don't let your sister near those kids, Barb. She's judgmental and she makes you feel bad about yourself. You don't have to let her back in." Then Nicki reveals perhaps a more genuine motivation: "I can't stand her either."

Wanda's finally thrown her foal. He looks remarkably good for all that at least 25% of his DNA can be linked directly to Frank. Wanda asks anxiously, "Is he all right?" Lois replies, "Perfect. He is just perfect." She is honestly thrilled, and Wanda's radiant with relief. Bill's grinning in vicarious joy, while Joey just looks very warily, as if something horrible's about to happen. Only after Lois whispers to him, "This one's going to live" does he let himself smile. We then get one of the sweetest moments of the series: Wanda, beautiful with her hair down and her face wreathed in smiles, looking at her baby, and Joey, staring at them both in bemused wonder before saying in a choked-up voice, "You're going to be all right, little man. I'll make sure of it." Wanda pulls Joey's face in for a kiss, and then he rests his head on her shoulder. The new parents look down at their baby in amazement. Bill looks at his brother's family and smiles.

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