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Previously on My Mother the Fraud: the interview process for Beehive Mother of the Year ground on, the Henrickson wives squabbled over who would get the kids while Bill just decided by fiat; Ernest Holloway and his postmenopausal harem escaped to Arizona.

We open this episode with a meeting of the Henrickson Brain Trust. No, it's not an empty room. It's Bill and Joey in Bill's gargantomobile, and Bill is giving them a pep talk: "If we're not successful, if we mess this up, he'll strike back." Joey mumbles some football metaphor. Bill plows ahead: "Getting in there and getting the seat is nothing. It's getting the books that buys our protection." Joey: "Mumble mumble mumble." Bill finally realizes what he's working with here, and says, "Look, there's other ways we could go. We could do a proxy or a voting trust --" Joey assures Bill that he's in.

Cut to Bill telling Lois that he's got a seat on the UEB council, what with them now owning Ernest Holloway's shares. He adds, "We have got to control Roman." Joey adds, "And force him to control Alby." Wanda burps her baby and listens to all of this nervously. Lois arches a skeptical eyebrow and asks, "Isn't your seat just one of twelve on the board?" Bill points out that being on the board will give him access to all of Roman's business secrets. He adds smugly, "It's a shot through the heart and he can't retaliate." Bill is an idiot: if he goes after Roman, what makes him think that Roman won't out him to the press? In a move that suggests none of the Henricksons are what you'd call "strategic" thinkers, Lois buys Bill's contention. She smiles and comments with her usual tongue-in-cheek flair, "I just knew this was going to be a good day." Bill tells her, "Savor it. We've been the flies in his web, but we're about to turn the tables." And become the web in his flies?

And then, more of Bill's strategery becomes evident when he says that Joey will be taking the seat at the meeting tomorrow. Lois is openly derisive about this idea, and Wanda throws a kinesthetic freak-out. Joey explains, "Bill's the public face of this family! He can't be connected to the UEB." Well, he should have thought about that before mortgaging his houses again to get a big suitcase full of UEB shares. Anyway, Joey carries on some more about how he's got to 'nad up and be the man since he's got a family to care for, and his little speech pleases Lois immensely. Naturally, because she's in danger of expressing a positive, approving emotion, she has to exit the porch with a dismissive gesture.

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