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Don't drink with Wanda

Bill's working late in his office when Roman and some beta henchmen silently materialize. Bill stands, and Roman comes in, intoning in his super-special prophet style, "You must ... relinquish ... the seat." Bill can't meet his eyes, but he refuses. Roman then insults Bill by asking if he's working a rival group that's "covetous of our...success" and tells him, "You're not displeasing me. You're throwing out a challenge to God. You shall relinquish that seat, or I will bring your temple crashing down upon you." Bill calls that bluff, saying, "You had your hands around my throat. Now I have my hands around yours. Everything on your computer, I now have on disks. If anything happens to me or my family, one copy goes to the district attorney, one goes to the attorney general, and one to the IRS." Roman says, "I see." He pauses, then asks, "What have you done to Alby?" Bill does not say, "Nothing," which he COULD because he honestly has had nothing to do with it. Instead, he's all "I don't know what you're talking about" and thus Roman knows Bill knows something about his son. He says, "You have become a mad dog, lunging and attacking without cause. Mad dogs must be eradicated." He wanders off.

It's too bad Roman isn't sticking around: he'd be gratified to see his daughter add to Bill's stress level by calling him and telling him she won't be attending the Beehive Mother of the Year ceremony. Bill tells Nicki, "If you truly love [Barb], you'll support her."

Back at Henricksons' homes plus, Adaleen and Barb are silently sharing the couch. Each woman is turned away from the other. Barb is a still ball of misery, while Adaleen's tapping her finder on her knees in an angry fidget. Rhonda comes in, Margene on her heels. Adaleen says in an aspartame-flavored voice, "Hello, sweetie." Rhonda blurts in dismay, "No!" Adaleen stands up and says briskly, "No scenes, sweetie. I packed your bags now. It's time to go." Rhonda protests that she's staying there, and Adaleen lies through her teeth, "Everyone at home will be so glad to see you. We've missed you terribly." Rhonda founders, "But...Barb?" The would-be Mother of the Year puts on her "you're in trouble, missy" voice and asks, "Honey, is the competition really over?" Rhonda frantically says, "I told you what I did because I wanted to be here with you!" Cut to Adaleen, perhaps reassessing this situation if it means getting a shirty pubescent co-wife out of her hair. Milking the scene for all it's worth, Rhonda says, "You said I could stay." Cut to Margene looking at Barb all, "Really? And I would have found out about this when?" Barb says levelly, "Sweetheart, we'll work on it, but right now we need to get our ducks in order." Rhonda's face crumples and she spits angrily, "No! No ducks!" Barb gets up and tries to appease her with, "I know this is a blow, but we will make it work. We just need some time to sort it out." Adaleen rolls her eyes skyward, because she grasps the approximate likelihood of Roman turning over his trophy teen bride to the household of his sworn enemy.

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