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Don't drink with Wanda

Meanwhile, Barb is being pushed through the bowels of the mansion, winding through the kitchen in a stunned, sour daze and eventually ending up standing all alone in the employee parking lot. Boy, metaphorical much?

Cut to the mariachi band getting all festive roughly six inches from Nicki and Margene. It's a wonder they can hear the cell phone that's ringing. Nicki's all happy to hear from Sara, but all enthusiasm quickly drains from her face, and she looks at Margene with mounting dread.

Cut to the gargantomobile quietly rolling up to the house. The Henricksons silently walk into the house, Sarah still holding Teeny's hand. From across the street, Carl stands in the shadows on his porch and watches.

Cut to Bill inside the house. He's on the phone with Don, saying, "We've been exposed. I don't know how bad it is, or how bad it's going to get. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do." And for a moment, I have a lot of sympathy for him: when you are the decision-maker and the problem-solver for your family, there is inevitably the moment when you face a big problem and it's just that much worse when the usual "What do we do?" starts up. I have a feeling if Joey called right now, Bill would literally vaporize under the pressure.

Ben has seen Bill on the phone. Shaken by his dad floundering, he wanders out back. Sarah's leaning against a pillar on the patio; Ben leans against the other side. He tells Sarah about Bill's phone call, and Sarah says with dreary inevitability, "We're goners."

After Bill clicks the phone, Margene and Nicki fall into the room. Margene asks him, "Where is she?" Bill tells her, "Upstairs." Margene has enough time to mouth, "Help her!" before heading up to Barb. The "her" is actually Nicki, who is having a full-blown meltdown at the thought of the local law enforcement coming in and jailing everyone for polygamy. And damn, my hat's off to Margene for being proactive and making sure Nicki would be taken care of before she heads up to Barb.

By the way, I have one question: the kid who inadvertently started this ball rolling? Teeny? How's she doing? Anyone think to check on her?

Margene knocks. Inside, Barb is sitting on her bed, head bowed. She chokes out, "I can't." Margene pleads, "Barb, please." "I can't!" Barb insists. Margene opens the door anyway. A more collected Nicki is behind her. Margene sits on the bed; Nicki drags a chair over and sits, facing Barb. I love this detail.

Barb finally raises her head, and she looks at Nicki. Her expression is so miserable, it's like they made her sit through three back-to-back showings of Waterworld or something. Barb says, "I got what I deserved." Nicki is nearly in tears as she whispers, "Oh, boss lady..." And, y'all, HOW MUCH BETTER is that one exchange than some wordy, awkward thing where Barb would have to be like, "Nicki, you were right. I lied and I paid the consequences, and I should have laid low" and Nicki would have to be like, "Barb, I could gloat, but I really do care so I hurt because you hurt." See what I mean? LOVE IT. Nicki and Barb should take Margene on a road trip to Portland, and subsidize her new life there, and then they should set up house together and live in a non-lesbian, yet extremely emotionally complicated fashion.

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